Vero4k+ announcement

@sam_nazarko I knew you are understandable person (from your all over support in this forum).
Will contact over the email shortly.

Thank you and cheers

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So the 4K+ has a bigger heatsink in it, but any active cooling? I know my 4K with a big fan blowing on it constantly stays stable, but that’s the only thing that keeps it that way. So the 4K+ is more thermally stable?

There’s no active cooling, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

I replied to your post on 18th June but didn’t get a follow-up. I’d like to get this solved for you.



Active cooling? Where do you keep your 4K? In the oven? :):rofl:

Even after hours of HEVC-movie watching I have zero issues with the Vero 4K.

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crssi, have you tried an FTP server? It will be wayyy faster than SMBlah.

I don’t have a Synology NAS but I did used to suffer from the stutters and delays you mention for UHD,
the cure for me was to set up fstab for my SMB shares configuring fstab

Since I took the time to set that up (it was much easier thanks to that tutorial than I was expecting) my GB ethernet adapter has been consigned to collecting dust in my tech drawer, and I watch my UHD content glitch free via the “weedy” 10/100 ethernet port built into the Vero

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@MidnightWatcher and @Buckeye, thank you, but I don’t own the 4k anymore, so not in position to report anything back.
But I am waiting now 4k+.
Anyway, the 4k is one of best designed (inside the box too, I mean) I have seen in the past few years.
Big kudos to @sam_nazarko (and anyone in his team).
If anyone asks me about kodi device to be used, there is no match to Vero and its the only choice I will use in the future and I will always recommend.



Just ordered mine today I live in the United States so I wonder how long it’s going to take to get my new toy looking forward to it. I have been a fan of osmc for a long time started out on a Raspberry Pi 3 upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 + might as well get their flagship and support osmc.

Supposedly orders from late June have yet to be shipped (according to users) and I haven’t seen anyone confirm they have received theirs, so it will be “a while”. My order is from mid July before the announcement. I did finally get an e-mail warning of a delay:

"In late June we stopped shipping Vero 4K devices and took a break from shipping orders. We did this to prepare for the new Vero 4K + and to avoid disappointment. You will shortly be receiving this new device.

This is just to let you know that we have now started shipment of our latest flagship product.

There are however a lot of orders to fulfill and we are working hard on this. We appreciate your patience and you will receive an email with full tracking information when you order is dispatched. Unfortunately we cannot trivially give ETAs for dispatch dates based on order numbers, but we are keeping our heads down and working through the backlog promptly."

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Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

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No worries this is going to be the first order of something where I have to wait since before Amazon lol I did get an email saying that once it’s shipped I’ll get a email to track it.

I’ve posted some more details here: Vero 4K + shipment details (08/08/18)

Yes – every shipment is tracked to the door and our mail providers are fast. Usually 3 days Europe and 3-5 days rest of world.


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I was wondering if any units are being sent to reviewers? It would be nice to see Vero and OSMC getting more (well deserved) attention.

I will indeed be sending out some review units, but paying customers are the priority. We will see some reviews start appearing in September I would suspect.



Amazing, just found this thread through the Kodi forum, had not noticed there was a new unit. Instantly ordered the 4k+.

Hope I can find a buyer for my 4K (tbh, anyone that does not watch 4k+HD audio does not need to upgrade).

They don’t “need” to upgrade, but if they want snappier performance, no bright blue
LED lighting up the room and the increased bandwidth provided by Gigabit ethernet for better seeking/fast-forwarding, well then I’d say the 4K+ is a worthy upgrade. :sunglasses:

Not sure about snappier performance, I thought the CPU was same?

  • how much snappier would it be? will you really notice it?
  • duct tape
  • switched from cable to 5ghz wifi to fix that. performance is great.


Snappier performance with the faster eMMC storage.

I bet three interwebz you won’t be able to tell the difference in a blind experiment. Keep the 4K and try it for yourself.