Vero4K+ for 4k with Toslink


I’m interested in Vero4K for 4K Video files (HEVC/H265). My receiver is not 4k compatible, so I’ll need to connect HDMI directly to the TV, and use the optical out to the receiver?

So my questions:
1 - TV is not HDR - is vero 4K reliably decoding H265 and displaying correctly on Non HDR 4K screen?

2 - Can the optical output be configured for 7.1 audio, and can the Vero transcode from whatever audio format is in the file (EG HD Audio) to format suitable for TOSlink?


Hi, does your receiver support hdmi arc? If yes, you could use it as it’s not limited as toslink is (just 5.1 I think). 265 plays well on my full HD non hdr TV. Even HDR content is OK - compared to my odroid c2 where it’s Grey.

If your H265 material is HDR, vero will convert it to SDR for non-HDR screens. Results may vary as there is no standard way to do this.

No. TOSlink cannot do more than 5.1 (as DD/AC-3 or as DTS). Vero will extract core DTS from DTS-HD, or transcode 5.1 PCM to AC-3 if you tell it to.

This may help:

Normal ARC is as limited as TOSLink. Only E-ARC may do better.

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OK - thanks for info - so limited to 5.1 on Toslink

Unfortunately ARC is no good as for some bizarre reason the TV (Panasonic) will not transfer anything other than stereo from HDMI input to ARC. (also not to its own Optical output.)

You will still get DTS and AC3 core-tracks (5.1); but HD audio passthrough won’t be possible.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.