Vero4k+ long delay after pressing play

I’ve had an issue for a while where it takes a long time after pressing play for movies to start playing. All of my files are stored on a Synology NAS using NFS.

I received a 2nd Vero 4k+ as a Christmas present and just set it up the same way. It doesn’t have the problem and starts play almost immediately.

Here’s the log from the problematic player.

<setting id="videoscreen.delayrefreshchange">200</setting>

2020-12-30 20:02:08.080 T:3660165344   DEBUG: CAMLCodec::SetSpeed, speed(0)
2020-12-30 20:02:27.638 T:4072435728  NOTICE: VideoPlayer: OnResetDisplay received

Looks like you told it to pause for 20 seconds every time it changes refresh rate and that is exactly what it is doing. The setting is found at…

settings>system>display>delay after change of refresh rate>


Not sure how that got set to 20 seconds but that fixed it.

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