[Vero4k] Long delay after pressing play

Hi everybody,

I’ve got an issue for some months where it takes a long time (10 secs) after pressing play for movies to start playing. All of my files are stored on a Synology NAS using NFS.

I’ve read this Vero4k+ long delay after pressing play, but I don’t have this setting on.
I’ve read the log, there’s some errors, but I cannot understand what are they and how to fix it :confused:

Log upload:



try kernel mounts (fstab or autofs), rather than kodi soft mounts. IMHO autofs is the easiest way to set it up:

Thanks Tom.

Won’t that affect my current library?

Edit: path substitutions… I’ll give it a try @Tom_Doyle, thanks.

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Have you tried without your custom cache setting?
Have you checked your network speed with iperf3?

Nope. How do I change that?

No, I didn’t checked my network speed, but I have no other speed problems.

I did try the kernel mounts and it did improved things a lot!
But I screwed my database when trying to change paths instead of using path substitution :laughing:

I’m currently trying to do the same thing with my music database, but I really don’t want to damage anything.

Well be removing it from advancedsettings.xml where you included it.

Then just stick to path substitution.

I forgot about that. Sorry.

Well, after switching to kernel mounts instead of kodi soft mounts, it was solved.
But, after a few weeks, the problem is back.

I tried removing the cache settings as fzinken suggested. It did not improve anything.

It’s not really a “problem” as everything is working, but I don’t understand why and it’s kinda annoying…

Would suggest to investigate your network with iperf3 and maybe if using wireless change channels.

Yes, I’ll test it. Thanks.