Vero4k+ OSMC October update problem

Hi all,
Yesterday i have updated the system with the october update on my vero 4k+ and got the sad face and reboot on loop.
My question is: how can i reinstall the osmc system? just download the image and create a usb boot with it to install on the internal memory?

I had the same problem yesterday on a raspberry pi 2, wich made me think, there is a problem with this update? i haven’t seen any topic about it…
With the RP2, i know how to install it from scratch…

You can probably upload some logs first and we can identify the issue.

Lots of people have upgraded without problems. It would be useful for us if you could obtain logs (using the commandline) before you wipe the device.

But the answer to your question is yes.

How can i get the log?

There is any way to stop the boot process, in order to export the log to an pendrive?

Try attach a usb keyboard and after seeing the sad face, hit Esc.

Should get you to a login prompt

This is what i get when i try to generate a log file

Reboot, and try again – this will reduce the log size.

The logs are in

You have X11 installed. Removing it should get you running again:

sudo apt remove x11-common

and reboot.

Or, give this thread a read as you appear to have RetrOSMC installed:

sudo apt remove x11-common

This solved my problem, but i will read anyway the topic recomended.

Thanx for the help!

No problem, glad to have been able to help!

Read through the topic I gave you if you want to get RetrOSMC working again.