Vero4k+ smailing face trying play anything

Hi, I’m getting a ugly smailing face when i’m trying play anything, stream, file, etc
This ocurs from 18.8-43 versions and forward

root@vero:~# aptitude versions vero3-mediacenter-osmc | cut -b -11
Package ver
p A 18.8-41  <= ok
i A 18.8-42  <= ok
p A 18.8-43  <= KO
p A 18.8-44  <= KO
p A 18.8-45  <= KO

I upload logs to, the old log is with 18.8-43 version and the log is with 18.8-42

Looks like you are running nightly builds of OSMC.
You may wish to downgrade to a stable version if you want things to run smoothly.


I guess you always need someone to try the latest and report.

I just want to report a problem, in case it’s helpful.

You should be reporting problems with the testing builds in the testing thread Kodi 19 (Matrix) nightly builds for Vero 2 & 4K


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thanks a lot and excuse my ignorance

marc.breuer report it
and it was solved in 18.8-47

Thanks a lot