Vero4K+ switched off randomly

I have not used my Vero4K+ at all today and just found it completely shutdown with the red light on in the front… I took the power cable out and plugged it back in and it seemed to boot fine.

But I grabbed logs anyway (unfortunately not debug) to see if anything stood out.
There’s probably a whole lot more there, but something that stands out in the logs is that it seemed to be trying to perform an update of my library today - something I definitely was not doing…

What logs I do have are here:

Wondering if somebody might be able to take a look? I’m especially nervous about it playing up atm given I reported funny behaviour with it being unresponsive here

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

did you try to just use the remote to wake it up?
I have one vero that goes down into to power-save mode regularly when we shutdown the TV it is connected to.

No, I hadn’t touched the remote in hours.
I could be wrong, but when the red light comes on in the front that’s more than just going into power-save mode

Mine is in power-save mode. As soon as I hit one of the keys on the remote, it is back almost instantly.

Is it a Vero4k or Vero4k+?

It might be a memory issue

2022-04-14 17:23:30.039 T:2732     INFO <general>: Quitting due to POSIX signal
2022-04-14 17:23:30.061 T:2732     INFO <general>: Stopping player
2022-04-14 17:23:30.063 T:2732     INFO <general>: Stopping all

I would just keep an eye on it for the time being.

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It’s a Vero4k+

OK. I will keep an eye on it. Thanks