Vero4K wakes up from standby

I noticied that sometime the Vero4K wakes up again. This morning i did the following test:

  1. 05:56 GMT+1: Power on the TV => All devices (AVR and Vero4K) powered on by CEC
  2. Start Live TV
  3. 05:58 GMT+1: Power off the TV => All devices switched to standby (Vero4K LED is red)
  4. ~ 06:20 GMT+1: The LED is still red
  5. 06:30 GMT+1: I noticed that the LED on the Vero4K is now blue again and no other device was switched on or any remote button was pressed.

Possible that the problem has something to do with my idle shutdown configuration because of the about 30 minutes after powered off.?.?

There are my logs:

Post a Kodi debug log so we can see keypresses.

Here is the debug log:

Power off: 18:27 GMT+1
The Box goes on without any remote input at 18:37 GMT+1

In this test I reduce the “Shutdown function timer” under System Settings>Power Saving to 10 Minutes and now the Vero4K powered on after 10 minutes. Before in my first test it was set to 30 minutes (see comment 1). So I think this setting has an relation to the problem.

Do you still experience the problem after today’s update?


Okay I will do an update asap and test again.

From the looks of it, PVR is waking up Kodi and this seems to be intentional.

But I don’t have set a timer or anything else. Okay what I do is, I shutdown the Vero4K during the TV playback. Here you had fixed a problem (No Standby during playback of TV or video)

Yes – I don’t think it’s related to that issue though.

We hook the screensaver option; so whenever the screensaver would be deactivated, the device will wake.

An add-on may be deactivating it.

I did the update and the problem is still present. (After the update I had to reconfigure the CEC plugin. All CEC settings were reset.)


I played a bit with the Shutdown function timer and when I set the timer to off then it seems to work.

So something has wake up the Vero4K when the time is up. I hope this information is useful to solve the problem. If you need more tests, let me know.

I think PVR or an add-on of yours is doing this.


Was this ever resolved. I have the issue the OP describes. How is best to diagnosed the cause?
I don’t have many addon’s except for keymap editor and trakt. I also don’t use PVR.

How about logs???

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ok will get some logs and post back. thanks.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem, so we didn’t look any further.

Here are the logs.

Looks like a CEC press wakes things.
If you disable CEC does this still happen?

Thanks Sam. I will disable it and report back.
Can a cec press happen if the tv if off and no ones in the room?
Its an lg oled if that helps.

I disabled cec on the tv but it still comes out of sleep mode.

I don’t know if this is related but i have under system > power saving > sleep/shutdown that I have the vero set to suspend after 20 mins. If I disable this setting then the vero stays in sleep mode when I put it in sleep mode manually.

I only set this as I have an oled so didn’t want to leave a static image on the screen for too long.
I’ve disabled this setting now, will just remember to turn the tv off if I leave the room.

I just want to confirm that this is also happening for me.

The Vero 4K comes out of standby mode when the timer is set on but I have fixed it by turning off the timer. It now stays in standby when I manually do it.