Vero4K wont start (power source issue?)


My Vero4K+ went dark today and suddenly wont fully start anymore. I get the OSMC boot logo and and last console entry in top left corner is “[OK] Reached target Login Prompts”. Then the video signal is lost.
Video snippet here:

I’ve searched this support forum and found similar issues and learned that Vero4K+ can be powered via the USB port. So i took my 33W/3A phone charger with A-A USB cable and tried that. It boots successfully and Kodi gets fully loaded (so no system/storage corruption).

Now the question is … is it an issue with power supply (Original Vero4K one) which gives enough power for initial boot but not enough for holding full system load OR is it some HW issue of Vero (behind the barrel connector slot?)


@sam_nazarko I don’t see power supply for Vero in the official shop. Should i just buy some OEM in local store with same V/A and connector type? Or is there anything else i should test?

Thank you in advance for response!



Sounds like your power supply is indeed failing, details about replacements can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

Thanks a lot for the link! PSU ordered.

I wonder if i can keep the Vero powered via the white USB port using the phone charger till i get the PSU (next week approx)?. Or is it meant to be some sort of “emergency/backup” power mode which should not be used for longer period of time?


Using a phone charger is not recommended, as they tend to trickle charge, rather than provide a constant supply.

Although in the short term you will probably be all right, its not supported.

Thanks Tom.