Very 4k warranty?


One more question regarding the 4k. I noticed that the website states:

1 year warranty for the hardware
5 years software updates

All good and well, but afaik EU mandates a 2 year warranty on the hardware. Not wanting to be finnicky, I wonder if someone could tell me why the Vero 4k is only 1y?

That’s not actually true per se and is a common myth. It is not the same across all areas of the EU. It’s easier to write the minimum available warranty for any destination than potentially cause issue by listing each region’s implementation of consumer directives.

Remember as always that any warranty offered by a company is a supplement to the standard consumer rights applicable in your destination country. It does not supersede or attempt to reduce these rights.

For example, in the UK, if there is a design flaw you have six years. The EU law is surprisingly weak, as in almost all cases you would need to report your defect within two months of receipt.

True. I read up on what the actual text says, and it’s … dissapointing. Though here in BE most (if not all) companies just honor the 2y thing - if it breaks within 2y, and you didn’t do anything to it that might have caused the breakage, it’s fixed/replaced.

It’s a bit like AppleCare which does not affect standard consumer rights.

Fortunately we have never had to replace a unit outside of the 1 year period as we haven’t experienced any such cases.