Video freeze

Have had my third freeze with my new Vero V.
A still image and not reachable on the network.

Hope you guys can find out what is wrong:

Your log shows an issue with

2023-10-08 13:43:54.474 T:2964 info : VideoPlayer::OpenFile: nfs:// Planet II/Season 1/frozen.planet.ii.s01e01.2160p.uhd.bluray.x265-guhzer.mkv


2023-10-08 13:43:55.634 T:2964 info : Display resolution ADJUST : 3840x2160 @ 23.98 - Full Screen (32) (weight: 0.000)
2023-10-08 13:44:25.348 T:18041 info : ProcessDecoderOutput: Changed max allowed Out-Of-Sync value to 91 ms due self-learning
2023-10-08 13:55:27.048 T:18038 error : AMLInsecureVideoCodec::addData: packet too big: 353883, probably corrupted
2023-10-08 13:55:37.048 T:18038 error : Skipped 6609 duplicate messages…

Are you experiencing this only with Frozen Planet 2?
Is it possible to reproduce it consistently, i.e. at the same point of the video each time?



No, when I pulled the plug and went to the time stamp again I could just play it.

Perhaps a temporary network issue. If it happens again let us know


Will do, am sick at the moment, so playing an old serie :wink:

And then it happend again:

And again:

Is it only with Frozen Planet?

When more well – if the file size permits, you could try playing it back from local storage (eMMC)


I could play other series before, but that where smaller ones.
I now have an SSH session open, it hasn’t occurred since.

Are you connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

Ethernet, the same cable and switch as with the Vero 4K.

If you comment out the cache settings you put in your advancedsettings.xml does this change anything?

Missed that, good call.

Will test that today with the caching section commented out.

Unfortunately that didn’t help, it crashed again:

And again:

Hmmm it now even froze while in the menu scrolling though my video’s, having an SSH session open, no response …

I would suggest reinstalling OSMC. Are you using the new peripherals, ie not reusing the PSU from the 4K?

Just started using the new PSU, had the same thought that could be the cause.

Nope didn’t help