Video playback halt at startup (Aug 5 update)

Sometimes when I start a movie or Tv Show the video playback freezes at first frame. I can hear the sound, but video is still.
This started happening after latest forced update.

I then have to press stopp button in the Yatse app, and restart the video for it to work normal. One time I had to reboot the entire RPi2.


I have the same issue! Just reported a few minutes ago here:

Hopefully somebody will check.

I’m not aware of any updates that are FORCED… The user is ALWAYS prompted to allow or deny any updates available.

The following is the proper method for obtaining support…

Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings avoid the problem?

I have the same problem. Funny thing is, HD videos are playing fine, only SD videos are affected. My HD and SD videos are all encoded with NVenc and muxed as MKV.
Switching to omxplayer fixes the problem with SD videos. But now the audio is very low, even if I set my external amplifier to 100%. I have a HifiBerry DAC+ attached.
I will provide some logs later.

kodi.log, first Video (xxxxx.mkv) plays fine, second freezes (yyyyyyy.mkv).

Disabling “Support 8 channel DTS HD audio decoding” didn’t help.

Ok, “forced” was the wrong word.

I have the Raspberry Pi2, connected with Cat5e ethernet cable, no usb devices, 2Amp powersupply from Samsung, MicroSD card 8 gb.

Can you try updating osmc?

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Last update fixed all my problems. Thanks! :smiley:

Yepp everything seem to be working normally again. thanks for the fast update.