Video playback is backgrounded

Hi there. I keep getting when I play videos, the playback playing in the background with now playing in bottom left corner. I then have to either press backup ro get back to the menu and then backup again or press the full screen button via the kodo app on iphone to maximise. I did see this has been mentioned by other people but mot sure if same. Im using the sio2 skin and thought it was just this one but have had it on others.

I have tried to upload a log but it never gives me an upload location. It just completes and goes back to the screen.

Can i get the logs from another way?

It also happens both from streams and local content. Forgot to mention that.

Hmmm I have this mainly with Twitch or other streams… would love an explanation or rather fix as well :wink:

Doesnt seem to happen with osmc skin buy i see a setting on skin settings that says background video off?

Logs dont seem to upload under that skin but do under urs so Http:// for the logs


If it doesn’t happen with other skins it is likely to be a skin issue. I would check in the skin section to find the support thread for the skin to see if it’s a known issue.

It does happen with others but not all. I can try and log in skins section too. I saw the creator of the skin fastcolors had spoken briefly with sam for another person with same issue.

Playback being "backgrounded"
But sam said it cud be caused by a different issue so best to log which i understand. Never use to happen im sure. Dont think skins been updated in a while.

Very odd!

Also mentioned here.

This was actually the one sam was helping with where he mentiones about sync issues.

Hope its nothing serious.

Loving osmc either way. Regards to all involved :smile: