Video recorded with android phone not playing because rotated 90 degrees

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I came along this topic when searching for an answer why the vero 4k+ does not play certain videos I made with my phone. It seems that videos that are filmed with the phone upright do not play because of the rotation 90 degrees unless the HW acceleration is disabled. When disabled the videos do play but are not played smoothly and the sound is offtrack. With HW acceleration enabled the vero will freeze up when I try to play the videos and I need to sudo reboot to get it working again.

I am running OSMC Leia 18.2 RC1 and the linked thread said this might be resolved with kodi 18 but apparently not. Is there a solution in the making?

I’m asking this because I have a lot of this kind of videos shot with my phone. There all mixed together with the pictures I took with my phone and well organised in folders on my NAS. I can not scroll through those folders on the vero 4k though (or start a slide show) in case I will play one of the mentioned videos and the vero will freeze up.

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That sounds like a kodi issue not osmc.

If you want to you can try fiddling around with something like handbreak or someone other tool that allows you to remove the rotation flag or orientate the movie property and re-encode it.

Maybe just wipeing the metadata would work as well but then I think your video would be played turned on it’s head.

Check: ffmpeg - Remove Rotate metadata from mp4 - Stack Overflow

Can we get a sample so I can test locally?

I will look later today for a sample for you. The most of these videos are home videos so a bit private. I will pm you with a sample ok?