Video stops playback randomly on Vero 4k+


I sometimes experience a strange issue with my Vero 4k+ (4k as well).
I’ve tried to resolve this problem in the past in thread Video hangs (freezes) often on Vero 4k after upgrade to Kodi Matrix. After several months of proper working (without any change in configuration) the problem is back (again without any change).

How the problem looks like

  • After random time interval (sometimes hour, sometimes minutes) video playback freezes. After several seconds audio stops playback and a loading circle “100%” appears.
  • Pause or seek does nothing - the playback is stuck
  • After stopping and reloading stream playback continues.
  • The problem occurs sometimes - there were several months of proper working, now it is back. I don’t understand why :frowning:
  • There is always following error message in the log at the moment of video stuck: error : GetString: error reading /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/aspect

This behavior does not depend of stream type and stream source:

  • occurs on H.264 as well as H.265 streams streamed from internet (direct or via widevine)
  • occurs also on DVB-T2 HEVC stream (so the problem seems not to be caused by network connection)
  • occurs on streams played from local NAS via SMB
  • occurs also on different device connected (projector instead of TV), only AV receiver is the same
  • In the past, I was experienced the same problem on different Vero box (the problem was the reason why I bought another one)
    Yesterday the problem occured very often (in several minutes intervals).

And one interesting thing: when I disabled HW acceleration (because I was watching H.264 video 1920x1080p that is playable without acceleration), the problem disappeared - without acceleration the playback was fine. After half an hour I switched HW acceleartion on again and the problem was back. It looks like something wrong with the Amlogic driver or something like this.

Version of OSMC: latest December 2023 release.

Could you please provide some hints what to try to identify the cause of the problem, to be able to provide useful debug log/info?

Part of log around the issue:
(the issue is visible at time 21:17:02)

Thank you.


We would need to see full logs to understand what’s going on


Hello, I will try to grab some. I need to wait until the issue appears again - since saturday the Vero forks fine again… Don’t know why…