Video Stutter, when switching between files


I have noticed when switching between videos, if the other hasing fully ended, the 2nd file seems to miss frames, so video isnt smooth its jerky


Try changing Adjust Refresh Rate to Always, and see if disabling the whitelist helps.

tried refresh change still same, when you say diabling the whitelist

display, whitelist, whitelist it shows a list do u mean unhighliting them all?

Yes - unless there’s a specific reason you are using this feature

Still same, I usually use Chorus2 web interface to pick files to play

but tried through interface on tv and it works fine

So unsure why opening a file on webinterface would react differently

I’d suggest uploading logs from both scenarios so we can check


opening in chronus

opening files in normal gui


Thanks for your patience.

If you can enable debug logging and re-upload the logs and mention which files you are switching from and to this will help.

Please reboot before uploading so the logs are cleared



hi sam

Played first “House of the Dragon - S01E06 - The Princess and the Queen WEBDL-1080p”
2nd “Naked and Afraid XL - S06E01 - Valley of the Banished WEBDL-1080p REAL”

After log, i tried playing them other way round and its fine


Was this log controlling through the web interface or Kodi?

I’m currently travelling but will look at this shortly.

Controlled through web interface chronus2

Okay – can you now upload the log of you playing them via the interface where you experience a problem? Please reboot beforehand.

the previous one was with the problem

through remote it works fine which is the below

It seems I misunderstood. To clarify: using OSMC interface with remote to play a file is OK but via Chorus it’s problematic?


Yeah, selecting the file through tv remote loads fine

I always tend to use web interface, this when clicking on next file causes the stutter

so, what I can see from the logs:

<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">true</setting>
<setting id="videolibrary.backgroundupdate">true</setting>
<setting id="musiclibrary.updateonstartup">true</setting>
<setting id="musiclibrary.backgroundupdate">true</setting>

The Vero is configured to scan the video and music folders on every start of the mediacenter. The files reside on a NAS.

In the first log set, the videoinfoscanner was still running when “naked and afraid xl” video was started. In the second log set the video info scraping was done before the second video was started:

2023-01-09 19:44:33.298 T:2968     INFO <general>: CleanDatabase: Cleaning videodatabase done. Operation took 00:08

2023-01-09 19:45:14.458 T:2935     INFO <general>: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: /mnt/NAS-Media/TV Shows/Naked and Afraid XL/Season 6/Naked and Afraid XL - S06E01 - Valley of the Banished WEBDL-1080p REAL.mkv

So, might be a performance issue with your NAS? Could you just for tests try to deactivate the ‘Update library on startup’ for the music and the video library at GUI → settings → media → library … and try to reproduce the issue the same way?

It shouldnt be the NAS, as this happens everytime at any part of day when switching between 2 files, soon as you stop the file and reopen its fine

NAS wise its dual RJ45, mirrored HDD, speeds across network are just over 100MB/sec. The NAS is a few year old PC running linux, so actually way over kill for job it does

I’ve tested this here and can’t reproduce, albeit on a limited test environment as I am travelling.

Could you try changing the setting as suggested by @JimKnopf?


No rush Sam, Just tried it still same

Left it a few minutes after boot aswell

still same

sorry, @Cah1982 : In both logs

<setting id="videolibrary.updateonstartup">true</setting>

the video info scanning on startup is still active … AND the videoinfoscanner was running when you switched/started to “naked and afraid xl”. Please, deactivate this scanning while mediacenter start and try to reproduce, so we know this is related/unrelated in your environment to your issue.