Video Stutters Over Network

Just testing a couple of jelly fish files, both of these appear to stutter over the network on the Vero 4K;

  • jellyfish-180-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit
  • jellyfish-200-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit

I’ve read about increasing a buffer size, but wasnt entirely sure where this is stored and where to edit.

As ive not modified any buffer settings, I can only assume mine are default?

Grabbed Logs:

180Mbps is quite higher than you will encounter with real world content. This is really a non issue.

The Blu Ray spec maxes out at about 100Mbps.

There’s no real world content with such a high bitrate so probably no point in adjusting settings

For peace of mind you may wish to try the demo clips from local storage


Yep, plays perfectly locally :+1:

Nothing to worry about then :slight_smile:

If you have problems with feature titles, do let us know, and we’ll get this addressed.