Vpn unlimited

I am trying to connect to vpn unlimited. Have been on their site and generated a open vpn config file.but when I try to use it I get an error message unable to connect to openvpn management interface.
What have I done wrong/missed.

What VPN add-on are you using?

The open vpn addon

Sorry Brian hornsby one

Have you installed openvpn?

Is that not the openvpn app by Brian hornsby?

Nope, the APP (or better to say Addon) is just to control openvpn. You first need to install it sudo apt-get install openvpn

Shouldn’t be necessary anymore: as network-osmc packages now depend on it.
Edit: actually – maybe that’s just psmisc for the killall command…

Ah. ok will do that. Thanks.

Still the same message.

Well did it actually install or was it already installed as @sam_nazarko indicated?
You might need sudo apt-get install psmisc

I’m sure it said installed. Will try again and also psmisc

I use Zomboided, this has many useful features like rolling over of vpn connections when one is down, monitoring etc. This also supports * VPN Unlimited as per their wiki. Maybe a hangover from my RPI days but works well on my 4k+ box :slight_smile: or could just be overkill but it has never let me down and if ain’t broke dont fix it :slight_smile:

Ok so now have other problem, when I try to get into console it lets me login but won’t let me type password in. Nothing types on screen, then it reboots itself. Also takes longer to quit than before.

Ok something really messed up. Suggest to upload logs via MyOSMC

Ok forget that it maybe me having senior moment. Password not appearing on screen but does go into command

Have run both commands.
Still same message.
Will try zomboided

If you have not installed zomboided before install then got to programmes and then open vpn manager all the settings are in there.

Well zombuided seems to be installed ok. Just one question (for now) how do I check its running ok as my ip address in settings is still the same?

If its not running you will not be online. On reboot a blue flag in the top right corner pops up saying connecting too … and then connected. Or you can check in the settings screen your ip address etc.