We're designing a new look and feel for OSMC

Love it. Looks fresh and much better than now.

If You could make it compatible with the PlexBMC Kodi Add-On, then this would be my personal #1 skin for 2016.


I thought the OSMC skin is included in the OSMC test builds for Krypton 17? But it seems it is not.

Looks very cool! Nice design, will definitely use it.

One suggestions: Would be nice if the background photographs change with a smooth blend effect every 20 sec. or so. This would make a menu much more “alive” and not as static as it is now most often…

I seem to be in a minority here… Will there be an option to keep the Confluence skin? If not, I’ll just disable updates. I understand that in today’s world, different=better, but that is not necessarily the case. I subscribe to the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy.

The default Kodi skin is changing for the next major release (from Confluence to Estuary).

Once Krypton is released I’m sure the Kodi default skin will remain an option for OSMC users. Just be aware you might need to manually install Confluence of you want to retain it.

That is probably more up to the Kodi developers rather than OSMC staff, I think Kodi is moving away from shipping Confluence as the standard skin though. If the Confluence skin is kept updated to support newer versions of Kodi I don’t see why it wouldn’t be available though, it might not be shipped as standard but should be an option to easily install it.

Looks great… Can’t wait to see the final release in action.

I prefer the blue vs. green…

Hi, is this skin available in Kodi17.0 Beta?


Not yet.

Kodi v17 is not in beta yet, nor do we offer any builds for it at this time

ok , did it according to your instructions , so I ask


Any updates to release date for the new look?

Still being worked on. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m excited for it! Can’t wait!

Look what appeared on github !!! :smiley: https://github.com/osmc/skin.osmc really looking forward for Krypton

Is the new design now available?
Havent used my pi for months and i just reinstalled osmc with a dualboot with lakka.
i got a big update, i think its the september one, but the design is just as it was in march i think.

Yes, but first in a different version and secondly only for Krypton Beta installs.

In my opinion this looks awesome! Especially with the gradient and I would find it interesting when the big fanart of an item could be shown behind that gradient similar to the city pics.

Btw I’m quite impressed with the new Kodi skin as well. I think there are some remarks to be made regarding UI, but I suppose that’s a Kodi issue?

We’ve made a lot of progress since then. You should see this thread:

We are happy to accept feedback and comments on how to improve the skin.

Thanks, I’m hoping to see a little more in the future! It seems I’m using the stable version, upgrading to the beta seems a little of a hassle at this time.