What do most people use to navigate their Vero?

I’ve been using the remote that came with the device. It’s pretty handy for a lot of functions but sometimes it seems a bit slow - particularly if I’ve got to type in a password.

I just wondered what else other people were using.

The TV remote from my Philips TV, not a big fan of having 2 remotes and the basic is covered via ece

vero remote and kodi iOS app mainly.
the app is useful for text.
occasionally tv remote if it just happens to be in my hand

If there is any amount of text input involved, I use a keyboard. This can be wired/wireless via USB.

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Yatse works pretty well for me if I need to do any keyboard input. I just run it on my kindle whenever I need to do anything with a keyboard.

It’s sure easier than pulling out a 20’ usb extension cable to hook up a keyboard :wink:

Edit: But for everyday use I use this Gyration GYR3101US. I guess it’s not being made anymore. OSMC is the only linux distro I’ve ever found that works well with it.

I use my Logitech Harmony Remote. I used this already with my Pi1 and it was very easy to port the lirc files to the new vero.

I use the Remote shipped with the Vero.

Receiver remote! Cec is the optimal solution for htpc.

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Vero is tucked away in stereo cabinet. I use Samsung TV remote (cec) and ios xbmc remote app on phones and iPad for normal operation. Bluetooth keyboard for fiddling around with osmc and kodi

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I use my Sony TV remote via CEC HDMI.
If I need to write, I use a cordless mini keyboard connected via one of the USB ports.

I use my “Harmony 650” instead of the one that came with VERO. The signal is stronger, you don´t have to aim so exactly and the Harmony even works from a distance ~ 7 meters. IR-learning for the just 13 commands takes about 15 minutes.
How to for the Harmony users (German language): Klick

And I use YATSE on my Android devices, best remote app in the market, I think. Has a virtual keybord too.

Another option is the “Logitech K400” keybord with build in touchpad and left/right mouse keys. Works wireless via an USB connector.

BTW: Long press brings up the context-menu in YATSE

I also use my Samsung remote via HDMI-CEC. Works well, and I have modified the keyboard mapping to use many of the remote buttons for other functions (like up and down arrows for volume control). The official Kodi remote app for Android works well, too, but it’s still a second remote to have to diddle with.

I use the Vero remote. It looks like my TV doesn’t quite support CEC and using mobile apps is out of question as I don’t want to keep my phone on me when I’m at home.

I use a URC MX-900 Genesis remote and Yatse.

Sorry for bumping this old thread but I just ordered a vero 4k yesterday and im trying to read up a bit on this things before it arrives since it will be my first “advanced” media center. I only used a WD mediacenter up till now.

So as i found out the remote that comes with the 4k is just a remote to start stop and navigate the movie but if you need to access the console you have to connect with a keyboard is that correct ?

Will plugging in a usb keyboard work ? I have also seen people mentioning YATSE but sadly I only have an ipad and iphone when it comes to mobile devices and YATSE is android only.

How does the kodi remote from the official ios app store work ? Can i use it to access the 4k via console ?

Im asking this questions because the plan was to use the 4k in a “man cave” environment where the only technology we have is a video projector, a wifi modem an old wd media center and a chromecast. The vero will replace the wd and hopefully the chromecast.

Sadly I dont have a stand alone pc there and I cant bring a laptop every time to acess the console on the 4k

Yes and no, most people will use SSH to connect to OSMC. So not necessarily need a physical keyboard.


Kodi Core works quite well with OSMC. But identically to Yatse it only works within Kodi (the GUI).

What for do you need to access the console?
If you really need it either get usb keyboard or a remote like the Rii Mini I25

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  • CEC for everyday guests, kids, wife
  • Keyboard for significant text / setup
  • SSH from Elementary OS laptop for tech tweaking (beta testing, new features alphas, etc)
    *Power of my WILL when no one is looking

Thanks for the fast reply !

I dont really know why i would need to access the console on a regular basis. I will be using the 4k mostly to play Full Blu-ray ( hopefully it understands the file structure ) or remuxes and 1080p encodes. ( mkv files containing video encoded with h264/ x264) If it runs smooth and i wont have any issues selecting the subtitles and or audio tracks with the remote that comes with the 4k I guess i really wont need a keyboard or laptop

Excuse me but what is a CEC ?