What good is a super player if it cannot watch anything?

The hardware specs are impressive. But I do not see a way to watch the videos I purchased at some store or another. I do not know much about these things, but a device should be able to view and access anything that I legally own. I hope this will be possible on the next version of OSMC, and especially on the new VERO V device.

OSMC and therefore the Vero is trying to bridge Mediacenter capabilities with Opensource which always will mean that certain DRM requirements might not be able to be fulfilled.
But as you can read in the Specs the Vero V supports “Trusted Video Pathway with Widevine L1” which would allow playback of DRM protected content of the highest security level.
This being said you would still need to find the respective software addon that would allow the playback from your content using the TEE of the Vero.

As @fzinken summarises, Vero isn’t the best if your content primarily comes from streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc.

However - we are making steps in that direction and our next device has Widevine L1 and HDCP2.2 support. Initially we aim to provide this primarily to industrial customers that want a secure video pipeline for their content.

However we expect this will extend to supporting Widevine L1 via Kodi and any InputStream Helper enabled add-on. In the case of Kodi that is Netflix, Sky Go and Amazon Prime Instant Video to name a few.

What we want to do however is implement it correctly and robustly. We don’t want to implement a feature that we have to later take away. As we don’t have direct agreements with Netflix etc and never will, we need to tread carefully with our approach.

The Vero excels at playing back your existing content library with full quality, audio and refresh rate with a wide variety of formats supported. For the online streaming, most use their Smart TV for built in capabilities and switch to Vero when they want to enjoy something properly :slight_smile:

Crackle and Vimeo are accessible. But there is no add-on for Google videos, or Amazon or Netflix or Disney or etc. Why do things have to be that complicated?

Sadly this is more of a sign that the store you purchased from is restricting you rather than us preventing you from playing those files. These companies like these lock-ins for a reason.

Most devices out there exist as vehicles to sell you content from their library or retain a subscription. Our device is open with the intention of liberating you from that.

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There are for Amazon and Netflix. They will play with lower quality under L3 conditions and higher quality under L1 which Vero V has.

Not sure about Google Videos.

I do not remember seeing any add-ons for Netflix or Amazon. Can you give me a link to where to find these add-ons?

They are not made part of the official Kodi add-on repositories because this would likely result in a C+D from Netflix.

There are many guides online. Searching OSMC Netflix or OSMC Amazon Prime Video should get you up and running.

Is it not possible to create a device that can access anything. On my desktop computer I can watch everything, (almost everything I should say. Some websites require you to be physically present in the USA or some other country to watch their content. Perhaps I should move to another country, what do you think :smiley: ?

Is it possible to use something other than KODI, something that works like a ‘normal’ browser. ??

Yes, it’s possible; but not if the operating system and other software are open-source: there are many legal issues to contend with as well as technical ones.

You can, at the moment, access Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and a number of other services on the Vero 4K via Kodi add-ons, but the service providers have restrictions on what you can access, and there is no legal way to work around that. iPlayer lets you access 720p streams but not 4K HLG; Prime Video is limited to 960x540 resolution (and last I heard the Prime Video add on was completely broken outside the US); Netflix goes up to 1080p but only with software decoding, which means a lot of 1080p stuff won’t actually play smoothly; Disney Plus maxes out at 720p; YouTube is more or less unrestricted.

Some of those limitations are likely to be relaxed a bit on the Vero V, but not all of them: Netflix, for example, may allow hardware decoding of 1080p, but probably still won’t allow access to 4K streams. But it’s important to understand that the providers could change their policies on that at any time, and decide not to allow you access any more; and if they do, you will have no recourse. That’s one of the reasons Sam is being a bit careful about making any promises: even if something is accessible at launch, it may cease to be supported to be supported in the future, for reasons that are completely outside of OSMC’s control.

If you want a device that is focused on playing back material from Internet streaming services, you probably want something that runs Android with dedicated Android apps for each service, instead of something that runs Linux and Kodi and uses Kodi add-ons. OSMC devices are designed for playback of locally stored media.

As I understand it, it’s possible (though not easy) to run a web browser on a Vero hardware device, but it’s not possible to access hardware acceleration for video playback while you’re doing it. So you’d be quite sharply limited in terms of the codecs and resolutions you can make use of.

Maybe you should just use a PC instead?

May I suggest to ditch KODI altogether and create some sort of intelligent browser environment that can access everything? Something that gives you the same experience as browsing on a desktop computer?
About geo block restrictions there is not much to do (unless you are willing to go on a permanent vacation and fly around the world just to watch movies and other content). A VPN may help, but I am not a fan of VPNs.

A few years ago I bought a raspberry 3 device, just to see what it could do. In those days it was possible to watch purchased videos through the kodi youtube add-on. But after a few minutes of watching “Spectre” the temperature overheat symbol started to appear. Later I found out about the Vero. So I decided to get one, and I do not regret getting one. The VERO is still one of the best players I have here in the house. VHS and DVD are no match for it.

I mean, you can suggest that, but I don’t think “Would you like to throw out the entire OSMC project and start again from scratch?” is a suggestion the guys will be very receptive to. (I’m not an OSMC person myself, incidentally, just an interested bystander).

The YouTube add-on works very nicely on the Vero 4K, once you get past the initial setup process (which is a little fiddly). I don’t know about paid-for content, I’ve never tried that, but general 4K HDR stuff plays fine.

No, it’s not. What your desiring (a perfect does everything box) is a thing that doesn’t exist and never will. You say a PC can play everything which is true. It is also true that to play everything on a PC your not going to have a single 10’ interface that you can control with a simple remote. You will also have a much higher cost both for purchase and in electricity cost. You can buy an Android box and that gets you closer to what you want as far as the number of supported apps. If that is what is most important to you then perhaps you should consider making a switch. Personally I find that switching to apps in my smart TV for certain things and using Kodi for everything else is optimal for me.

The youtube add-on used to be better, and it was possible to watch paid content purchased on google videos. (but not anymore).

@sam_nazarko I may have confabulated this, but I seem to remember there was at some point some discussion about a web-browser add-on to Kodi v20 that would have enabled hardware-accelerated playback. This probably wouldn’t address any of OP’s issues - it was aimed more at giving access to services that don’t have their own dedicated Kodi add-on - but did anything happen about that in the end? (Or did I just imagine it?)

It’s still a work in progress I believe