What SD Card class does everyone recommend?

What SD Card for OSMC does everyone recommend? and what size preferably too.

Thanks in advance.

Samsung Evo or Sandisk Ultra size depends on your usage I use 8 gig and have large librarys. 16 gig would work

Suggest you check the search function as this has been answered before.
But besides the Class (10) it is most important that you use a quality card (Samsung or SanDisk).

Samsung EVO 16G

So my second EVO card died not with an OSMC on it so don’t panic was an raspbian, so the EVO’s have an problem use other cards.

Sounds like you had some bad luck. All my Evo cards are heavily used and work great and I have not seen any reports of any failures of Evo cards before. In fact I would say that the Samsung Evo’s are one of the best cards you can get for a Raspberry Pi both for performance and reliability.

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