When comes the new update


When will the new update be released? it is mid Dezember and i still have the october update as the latest version shown.

There is no new update is that correct?


The new update will be released when it’s ready.

If you let me know what you are looking forward to in the next update I can send some testing insructions.


Yeah cool i am looking for a fix for the DTS-HD-HRA Movies as they are no longer have audio:




Unfortunately we don’t have a fix for that at this time. This seems to be a problem exclusive to Denon receivers. We are awaiting a formal response from them as they are investigating the issue.

We don’t believe this issue is caused by the Vero 4K itself.

You can try the current state of updates by upgrading to Debian Stretch. They are experimental however.


yes of course. Can i do this with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade or is it another command?

I’ve done the upgrade to stretch but still no change for DTS-MA-HRA Files, maybe in the next update.

No problem, i have enough other movies :wink: