When is OSMC expected to go the Isengard route in public?

Almost not dared to ask this, but I am so happy with OSMC on my Pi1B and Pi2 that I simply can’t wait for OSMC offering Kodi 15 RC2 for users willing to test it (I’m one of them :wink: )

I ask this because I maintain 6 other devices plus those Pi’s in my home, ranging from iPad1 to Android to Windows, and from what I’ve read especially the benefits for Android are great when using Isengard.

Thing is, I’m also using a MariaDB base for all my client devices, so I simply can’t (or do not want, because it’ll complicate things even more) install Isengard on my workstation before it is available for OSMC.

Is there kind of a timeline or do we have to wait for Isengard to go final?

Anyway, thanks a lot to all OSMC members for delivering this great implementation to all of us!

@Fry7 if you bothered to search the forum you clearly see that this question has been answered several times over and secondly never install RELEASE CANDIDATES on a stable machine thats what that little rc stands for ^^

Sorry, @Toast, I DID bother to search the forum, and the freshest answer to my question was from March 2015, if I remeber correctly (I also remeber a post from @sam_nazarko that hinted towards Kodi 15 final, but as I said: I’m too impatient for the given reasons - sorry for that - and I had the hope that because Kodi is developing that fast that OSMC might just jump that train the way OpenElec does)

And whether I volunteer to be a tester or not is non of your business, is it?

I mean, aren’t open source projects working that way? Let those volunteers test and post what’s wrong or could be made better? Even let them consider to maybe be part of making the project better by contributing?
If never anybody had considerd to install OSMC Alpha, Beta or RC, how do you think OSMC would have gotten this far?!

@ActionA : thanks for the clarification.

There was this from yesterday …

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…ups… didn’t see that one… :flushed: