Where is skin.confluence folder?

I have installed OSMC on my RPI2. Coming from RASPBMC I wanted to change the appearance of the CONFLUENCE skin. Actually I only want to change the font size in the rss control.
Unfortunately I can’t find the folder of the skin including the xml files.
Where is it?

Somewhere in /usr/share

I want to do much the same as karower and would appreciate a more definite answer. I have set up SAMBA as detailed in this thread ([link])1. Anybody know the exact path?

Running OSMC RC2 on the Vero, I see the ski.confluence folder at /usr/share/kodi/addons


Still hoping for the folder location on a RPi installation. The favorites list is impossibly small to read.

SSH to your Pi

cd /
sudo find | grep confluence

That will show you every file and directory on your entire OSMC installation with the name confluence, adjust to add .xml or whatever else you’d like.

Thank you Katze. With that I was able to edit the Font.xml



and DialogFavourites.xml



Welcome. Glad you got it worked out. :slight_smile: