Where's my order?


We’ve received a few emails from people enquiring about their order status and when their Vero 4K will be dispatched. I’d like to answer a few common questions.

On Monday, we formally announced the Vero 4K and that’s when we began shipping. We have received a lot of orders. More than we expected. Thank you for your support.

We are fully stocked, and unlike previous Vero launches, we’ve got everything ready to go from day one: both our hardware and software are mature, so waiting will be minimal.

As soon as your order ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number. You can then track your order here. When your item reaches your destination country, it will be trackable via your local postal service. Please note that if you have ordered outside of the EU, you may experience a slight delay in delivery due to customs clearance, and tracking information may not update until your order passes through your country’s customs agency. If you have any queries about your order, either send me a message or email sales@osmc.tv.

If you have ordered anything extra with your Vero 4K, your order may take an additional day or two to process.

Today, we thought we got a lot of orders out, but when we looked at the Store, we realised we’d only got 30 minutes worth of orders out.

We’ll get this under control over the next couple of days.

I am keen to see your unboxing photos and hear your thoughts. You won’t be disappointed.

Once again, thank you for supporting OSMC.



Thanks for this! It’s so exciting to be part of this new release

Thank you for the clarification. It’s understandable :slight_smile: Can’t wait to test it.

The saga continues. I’m hoping we are on top of things by Monday.


Niiiice :slight_smile: What an pile of bags :smiley:

Hopefully there’s one going to Holland :wink:

got email today, mine’s on its way to Canada…

Great job , great product ,We are all happy to support you Sam

I’m happy to see people supporting osmc :slight_smile:

When did you order yours? Just curious the wait until mine ships. I ordered mine February 26th

Ordered mine on Feb. 25th… Needs to go to france. Will eventually arrive today.
Update: It juste arrived ! :smiley:Nice and smooth looking. Smaller than the old Vero 2 :slight_smile: Love it
Won’t have time to check it out today, but this week-end I may free up some time.

I Ordered mine on 24th Feb, it was sent on 27th and i received it yesterday. It has gone to Austria.

This is really fast and for now all works fine :wink:

26 also

Hopefully that means mine will be leaving soon to Canada

When I do the math I have to wait until Tuesday because I ordered the 27th :wink:

Just got mine, thanks to everyone involved!

Im in Canada too , the tracking number stalled , lol hopefully it shows up soon :slight_smile:

27th China is also waiting to ship :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s will be take about 15 days, I guess

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We’re taking no time off and packaging over the weekend as well.

We’ve booked extra collections for Monday to get them out.