Widevine add-ons stopped working from 01/09

The next few days will be busy but I will explore what our solutions are regarding Buster and rolling out a libc for this.

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Thanks. Some other distros seem to be easily updated with a patch (Corelec, Libreelec and XBian), even with Kodi Leia. You’re right, the patch affects glibc and other things, but it works. Why OSMC with Kodi Leia could not be updated ? I suppose it’s some developement, I agree, but I think Leia will stay alive for a long while, until everything becomes stable with Matrix (1 year at least).

It’s not trivial to release builds for older versions of Kodi.

We can consider Leia to be EOL for now.

Which means those of us with Raspberry Pi 3’s, who can’t upgrade to Kodi 19 without losing other features we rely on are stuck without options then, correct? Would there be a way to recompile the current Kodi 18 package to work with Bullseye, so we can have everything back again? Or are we just screwed until we upgrade our hardware?

For Kodi 18 Leia, you can do this:


Thanks, Matt! I’ll test it out.

Should have a solution for Kodi v19 soon. I have sent @joakim_s some instructions and am waiting for him to verify.


Seems to work again with your instructions. Thanks!

Wow. Thank U matthuisman, your tip seems to be functional, and it takes a few minutes to apply. Live TV, Netflix and Disney+ are working with the latest Google Widevine library. Amazon hangs however, but it’s an alpha version yet (0.9.4). There are some good developers indeed. And no, I don’t agree, Leia is not EOL yet ! After months of tests (I’ve got Kodi 19 on my Windows PC), I’m not ready to use it everyday, it hangs too much and there are too much errors notifications to use it friendly. I’ll make some tests with LibreElec when I receive my new raspberry.

I can confirm that Matt’s solution works!
I didn’t even notice that my addon stopped working - looks like I haven’t had much time to watch Netflix last week :wink:
Thanks @matthuisman , it really takes two minutes and fixes the problem :+1:

That’s odd. Amazon works perfectly fine here.

I have a solution for v19 and will push some builds to staging soon.


Let us know when you do, Sam. Happy to help test.

Hi everybody. I’m glad Amazon works again. I removed then installed again the plugin and go ! Problem of Widevine solved ! Now I must consider the random freezes of my Vero when stopping a video or playing with next button. It’s quite annoying to stand up for unplugging the Vero in order to start it again when it freezes and nothing answers (neither remote nor network - ssh doesnt’ answer). These freezes happened when my Vero was shipped at home, with the default installation and SPDIF toslink settings (wiki here : Audio hardware and software configuration - General - OSMC). It continues freezing after 3 different re-installations of the 3 Vero official images I’ve tested. I’ve never had these freezes with the Raspberry pi 3 + a Hihiberry DAC, SPDif Toslink and a strictly identical OSMC config.

It works wonders with 2021.08.01 release on my vero4k.

I tried Matt’s suggestion on a Pi 3B+ running the November OSMC release (Leia). The good news is that Netflix now works correctly with the latest version of Widevine, which used not to be compatible. The bad news is that neither Prime Video nor Disney+ will play anything.

@ laurent.sailla
please keep this thread on-topic.
Your freezing issue is not related to this thread, so please ask in another thread.

@ angry.sardine
Your issue is strange.
Netflix & Disney+ should still both run even with the older widevine cdm.

Go into Disney+ > add-on settings > Playback > Install Widevine CDM
Make sure it says 4.10.2252.0 is installed
And make sure you’ve done a reboot after installing / updating the widevine CDM

I expect they did.

Netflix previously wasn’t working with the 4.10.2252.0 Widevine, of course, and it now is working with it; so your patch clearly has worked at least to that extent. But, as I said, videos on Disney+ and Prime Video aren’t playing. I can launch the add on, search for something, and tell it to play, but it doesn’t actually play it.

Would debug logs tell you anything useful?

yes, debug log for Disney+ please.
If you switch back to previous widevine, do they both then work?
what version is your inputstream adaptive?

Strange in fact. If Netflix is playing, Disney+ should also. Amazon, I’ve had a problem until I remove the plugin and settings and install it again. The flow was decoded, the video stream was created but didn’t launch, without any errors in the kodi.log.

However, I’ve forgotten to say that I didn’t use November release on the Raspberry Pi 3 because I had some hangings and malfunctions (I’ve made a lot of tests). I was using the 2020.10-1 release like a charm, this release was very stable. When I get the new Raspberry, I’ll restore my fully operational personal disk image and I’ll verify I can patch it with matthuisman’s procedure and everything is ok. Perhaps I should downgrade my Vero to this release too to make it more stable.