WiFi Config in OSMC via SD Card (no SSH, no Network so far)?

Someone has an idea for me? I´m in holiday, having a Pi with SD Card
(OSMC), WIFI Dongle, but no remote (I forgot the IR reciever at home)…
could use my iPhone as a remote, but again, the Pi/OSMC doesn`t know
the WiFi, so no connetion there… any chance to put a .config with the
WiFi ID/PW directly to the SD Card via a Mac? So that OSMC automatically
connects to the new WiFi? Wehere to put it?
Something like
psk= XXX

Well you would need to access the EXT4 partition. So either you need a read/write driver for EXT4 on MAC or use a linux system (e.g. in a Virtual Box) to do so.

Check this thread

You can use the OSMC Installer which allows you to preseed these options.

Select ‘Wireless Network’ and you can enter all the details on the Mac. We enable the web server by default, so you’ll then be able to control OSMC via a smartphone remote or the web interface.

Thanks, I will try that!