Wifi connection problem

Hello, I use a raspberry pi 3b+ with OSMC 2023.12.1 installed.

I have the following problem. The raspberry connects to the wifi but there is no internet. I have set a fixed IP, but no information is displayed in “My OSMC” - “Network” - “Wireless”.
I’ve deactivated “Wired” and “Wait for network” in “Wireless”, but things don’t seem to be changing.

On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s related but I have the impression that when I set WPA/WPA2 on the box instead of WPA2 it seems to improve operation (I’ve seen this on the forum). Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

Not sure what you mean by operation - it either works or it doesn’t?

Showing us a photo of what you see in My OSMC would probably be a good start

By any chance do you also have a Bluetooth device connected? Do things improve with it disconnected?

Can you locally connect to the Pi via SSH?
What does these commands show:
ping google.com

Since I switched my box back to WPA2, I have the impression that it doesn’t connect anymore.

I turned off the bluetooth on my computer and it connected, but no internet, even though the WIFI was working. ==> connexion-nok hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
Then the same list again…

Bluetooth is activated but nothing is connected ==> connexion-ok hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Do things improve when it’s disconnected? I have the impression that it connects more often but it also disconnects, but I had the TV available.

I can’t connect to it via SSH

So your messages are getting confusing. You said it connects to Wifi but not Internet Connection. Now you say it can not connect to Wifi anymore?
How is your wifi configure?

  • Encryption
  • Channel

My box is configured in WPA2 on channel 11 (automatic) with bgn mode.

On OSMC it says that the connection is established with the box but when I go to TV it displays the message HTTPS…localhost 443 without displaying the TV channel.

You said you use static IPs (no DHCP?) if that is the case did you configured the static IP and DNS and Gateway?

Yes of course

Well your picture didn’t show that.
So you now have Wifi connected and a Static IP configured? Can you share picture?

I’m willing to do it, but it has to work. Yesterday it did, today it doesn’t.

If it used to work, and it doesn’t now, are you certain you have internet at the router? The redacted pictures show the DNS is the same as the gateway on a 172.x.y.1 private network. So, are you sure that 172.x.y.1 has an internet connection?

And it is that router properly configured to provide or forward DNS?

Is your issue possibly related to what was covered in this thread…

yes my routeur is a livebox

Hello, I’ve noticed that when I activate debugging and after restarting several times, each time it connects correctly to the IP address of my Livebox.