Will Vero Next have an optical audio port?

Yea I know it is a legacy port but for my needs and setup I really need Vero to keep that feature. Huge trend of media boxes getting rid of that port. But its why I bought a Vero 4k + instead of an Nvidia shield cause the Vero had an optical audio output.

So can the next Vero please maintain an optical output?



Do you think if we play 20 questions we can figure out the specs of the device before it’s actually announced?



Possibly, but you’ve already used up one question.


Ok, here is one: Will it be less than £160?

£159.99 it is.

Joke aside, yes. Assume you are asking this specific number as that’s precisely $200 at current time.


FWIW I care more for quality than price. If it costs a bit more but uses better hardware, puts more into development, etc… I don’t mind. I care mostly about it being stable and ‘just working’ properly.

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I’m from Germany, so no. But I thought it might cost £150 and then you would’ve answered no.

Are you not satisfied with the amount of time currently or previously put into Vero 4K +'s development?

That’s what I care about too. Once you go cheap it can be a race to the bottom… There’s always the £20 boxes from AliExpress, but good luck with support.

Those kind of prices also make support impossible in terms of scaling out. I like to read every forum post and respond to every email personally.


Just asking for what to expect. I don’t expect it to cost only £100 and I’m definitely not the one asking for discounts for existing customers. What bothers me more is the fact that I have to pay additional customs fees, but this isn’t Sam’s fault. Or at least, I hope it’s not (if you know what I mean).

You will be able to buy from a local EU reseller.

In Germany, this would be WElectron.

I know this reseller, but will they have units from the beginning?

I will do my best – they are very keen to stock the product ASAP.


Dear Sam, is there any official reseller in Italy?

Not at this time – but there will be EU resellers that will ship to you after the launch.

Oooohhh. I want to play! Which processor and how much storage?

If we’re playing 20 questions, the questions have to be phrased in such a way that the answer is either “yes” or “no”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok…is there any USB3 port?

On my PC? Yes :grin: (sorry, couldn’t resist :smiley: )

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