Wireless troubles on pi 3a+


Using the 2021.12-1 OSMC release I cannot connect to my router (hidden SSID, WPA2 PSK) from the network settings GUI. Pre-configuring from the image installer does not work either.
Moreover, I was also unable to associate my bluetooth devices. Both wifi and bluetooth worked on OSMC 2020.11-1 with the same hardware.

After a while struggling with the network GUI, it semi-crashed (several sub-menus shown at the same time, no way to exit the network settings, and a notification about unexpected exceptions). See logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/ucoqapepiz.vhdl

Is there anyone here with a Pi 3a+ and working wifi or bluetooth ?

Don’t use the pre-seeding functionality for now.

How do I do that ?


This should fix the issues your are seeing in the gui:

Thanks Tom.


Since I cannot use apt until I get wifi going, I downloaded the relevant deb file on another machine and put that in the /boot partition of the sd card, then installed that from osmc, and rebooted.

No change: connexion to my wifi router still fails, as does pairing with my bluetooth devices, I get the same notifications about unhandled exceptions, and end up stuck in the networking menu with no choice but to physically power off the pi.

But thanks for your help Tom, that was worth a try.