Your new OSMC account

Sure, as it seems that only logging out of “My OSMC” achieves an actual log out on both services.

Again, ideally the session state handling of the two would be completely independent. SSO normally doesn’t require shared sessions. But if that’s hard to come by for technical reasons then any logout should probably affect all services - otherwise it’s a security issue.


Make a new account on My OSMC with the forum email.

This is explained in more detail above and in our earlier post


I think there’s some confusion here.

There are separate sessions and cookies for both services.
One can sign out of one without signing out of the other.

It sounds like you want to be logged out of everything when you log out of any service.


Still bervillo is correct. I cannot log out as well. It keeps logging me in, when I start to browse forum / shop.

Exact steps:

  1. Log out of both forum and store (My Account – OSMC)
  2. log in to forum
  3. refresh my.osmc site in browser -> auto log-on
  4. log out from forum
  5. refresh the my osmc -> still logged on
  6. click log in on forum -> logged in without any credentials.

Another test:

  1. log out from both
  2. refresh browser tabs to be sure
  3. close browser tabs
  4. open new tab with forum
  5. log in (credentials needed, remeber me unchecked)
  6. log out
  7. click log in > logged in without credentials
  8. open new tab with my osmc -> already logged in

Something is very wrong Sam, I am sorry

If you remain logged in to one of these services, why are you surprised that you can access it without credentials?

If you log out of both / clear cookies, you really will be logged out… your first scenario isn’t problematic , but it sounds like you also want a log off of from the forum to also log you out of My OSMC, which could be done in the future.

I hope it’s clearer now: you can log back in to the forum without authentication because you are still logged in to My OSMC. And you are logged in to My OSMC automatically when you log in to the forum because the authentication is handled by My OSMC.

It sounds like people want to couple the two services so a log off from one logs you out of everything

I think this is the fundamental issue. I am logged in the second system (myosmc) without seeing it on the system I logged in in the first place (discourse) so when I logout of discourse (which is the only system I logged into) I would expect to be logged out

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Agreed. SSO should also mean single sign-off.

Makes sense. We’ll get this implemented.

You would need to create an account on with the email you used to sign up to the forum. This ends in The accounts will then be merged.


OK, maybe it was just me then. Of course I can’t share the password I had because it was randomly generated by 1Password and I overwrote it when I created the new one. So I never knew what it was. '-)

Thanks this worked, but I have now a confused situation of several accounts. Can I delete my other account somewhere ?

I’ve deleted your second account.

Hi Sam,

There’s no confusion, but there’s a different understanding of SSO.

Again, there is a difference between shared credentials and shared sessions. While the former is clearly desirable, the latter can be dangerous. In your example above, while logging into one service, you’re logged into a (hidden/invisible) second service automatically and unknowingly, which in turn prevents you from logging out of the first service effectively. By effectively I don’t mean the session itself (yes, you are logged out) but the missing necessity of entering the credentials again on re-login. This is a security issue when using public computers as your credentials are still kept alive, despite you having logged out of the very single service you logged into previously.

Not really. Ideally the two services would be entirely decoupled in terms of their session handling and credential buffering - they should only share the same credential database. This way one could use two totally independent services (one doesn’t influence the other in any way) with a single account. That’s what SSO is supposed to do IMHO. However, if the only way to implement this is to always log out of every service when logging out of one, then that’s still way better (read: more secure) then the current implementation.


Overnight I seem to have lost my identity.
I thought it was associated with the new way of handling to identities, so tried to re-register with my old forum address. This seemed to be unacceptable (possibly the underline in the first part of the email address).
I tried to reset password using my slack email address - not acceptable.
I don’t think I ever had a registration when I bought my vero.
Can I have my old identity again?
Derek (dandnsmith)

Same here i have lost my identity.

I tried to reset password but not acceptable:invalid user or email
can I get back my old user?

sign in with email and your password, not your forum user name, it seems. Discourse was moved o a new server last night.

I was able to create an account using your old email address and didn’t have a problem with the underscore in your email.

You should be able to log out of this account and login using your email address now with the password emailed to you.

Sorry it isn’t no more MyOSMC
Before I was a “happy” user, i’ve two accounts, one for shop (buy 2 Vero2, 2 Vero4), one for forum, with two differents E mails adresses. Now i’ve lost my forum account with the forum EMail, to be connected Sam has me forced to use my shop account to created a new forum account, without history, i’am a new fresh bornde new user.
I don’t understand!!
For me me OSMC is Opensource Kodi provider, and Vero4 for me the best box, Ok when I take a look to the Kodi github, the last month i see rarely Sam Narkozy which propose Kodi patchs for the community.
My question what is the future OSMC way, allways inside the KODI community, or you take your own way.

The forum account and Store account do not have to match. You can keep separate accounts for either. They will technically overlap but you don’t have to use the forum with your Store account and vice versa…

Perhaps, but I can’t do it, when I try to connect whit my forum account with discourse i go to … the Nirvana.
Sam I like Vero but i think that isn’t the good way