Your new OSMC account

Last month, we mentioned that we were making some changes to the way you log in to OSMC services. We’ve now made those changes live. You’ll now only ever need one username and password to access any OSMC service.

You should be able to create a new account using the same email address as the one you used on the forum to access your existing forum profile. If you’ve used GitHub, Facebook or Twitter to use the forums in the past, simply create a new OSMC account with the same email address.

You can learn more with the original announcement here



Just FYI, it looks like the new login can’t take extra complex or long passwords (at least not like the old login). I tried to re-use my old 24 character randomly generated password with numbers and symbols, and after I set it I couldn’t login. I reset my password to something random that was 20 characters long with no symbols and it worked fine.

I haven’t noticed that. Can you let me know a password that should work but doesn’t?


I just tried this 24 character password and had no problem


Hi Sam,

If I log into Discourse and log out again, I can log in again without entering my credentials. Thus the logout (solely) via Discourse effectively doesn’t work. It does only work when I fully log out via, although I haven’t (manually) opened a session there before.

Secondly, I can’t find a link to anywhere on the site which makes it hard to manage one’s account, and it adds to the problem above.


This is intentional. You’re only signing out of the forum, not OSMC completely.

A link to the account page will come later

Hmmm weird I can’t seem to login with my credentials on, neither username or e-mail, not even reset password works.

[edit]sorry, didn’t read correctly, I registered, no old billing address or some sort though, so no idea if the profiles are linked[/edit]

I have a different address for osmc store than my forum account. Can these be consolidated? I’ve registered the new account with the community account mail.

You can change the address under to match the forum email. shows my forum email, so it’s the store account that has a different one.

My OSMC is what the store used to be.

Sounds like everything has merged without issue

You’re only signing out of the forum, not OSMC completely.

Hm, the problem here is that the forum sign-out is ineffective as one can just hit “Sign in” again and is not being asked any credentials. The purpose of SSO is to share credentials, not to share log-in sessions.


We can force a log out of all OSMC sites I’m sure


I am sorry Sam, but this all is a little weird. I read all posts and I still don’t know what I should do?
I have a simple account (no social media connections). Right now I have the same email connected to both OSMC Store and Forum, but I have different usernames.

I thought that if the address is the same then those accounts will be simply merged together, but I keep reading that I have to create a new account.

So the question is: Where? :slight_smile:

That’s fine

As long as your email is in sync you will have no problems. Just login using what used to be your store username

Usernames can be unique across the forum and My OSMC


That’s kind of over the top but certainly better than an ineffective logout. Ideally all SSO-based services would just share the credentials, not any active session.

Background: just imagine you’re using a public computer to use the forum. You’d expect that logging out prevents other users of the same computer to log into your account and hijacking it.


That’s how it works. Maybe we want a prompt on logout:

  • log out of the forum
  • log out of the forum and My OSMC too (good for shared machines)


I doubt that. If that would be the case then the following wouldn’t work:

  1. When fully logged out of any OSMC service, log in to the forum
  2. Log out of the forum
  3. Hit “Log in” again
  4. Alas, you’re not asked for your credentials at this point.

Yes, you’re logged out of the forum at step 2, but you already established a shared session at “My OSMC” that you’re totally unaware of. That shared session is then reused at step 3/4, while the two services shouldn’t share any session state in the first place.

Update: the same is true the other way round, obviously: when I log in to the forum, I’m logged in to “My OSMC” as well, due to a shared session.


Doesn’t sound right. Here if I log out of forum and My OSMC and click login on the forum, I’m prompted to login again.

Sounds like we also want to log out of My OSMC when you log out of the forum

Hi @sam_nazarko !

I cannot login with my “old” forum mailadress - system tells me that this adress doesn´t exist so i use my mailadress from the store but to change the mailadress to isn´t possible, system tells me that the mailadress is still in use, also my old username that is MikeDelta… what now?