Your new OSMC account


I don’t understand the issue and its relation to Kodi.

We changed the way accounts work to simplify things when we add more services.

You can email or PM me and let me know which email account you want associated with your old account. Then you can create an account under My OSMC with the same email and the posts will be linked.

For the web shop you can use a different account – you’ll just need to sign out when swapping between them.


When I try to use today my old (forum) Email, or my old forum ID your server respond unknown. With the new account (fresh user) i can’t send PM; I try sales** no answer.
Nobody has ask me to bind my two OSMC accounts, I’ve tell you some weeks before that i 'dont like the idea to have the same account for shop and forum.
For the relation to Kodi, I think that for on of the best worked KODI box which a lot of work it’s better to see more Pull request in the KODI github.


I’m also obtain right now… i have tryed to access on board 5 minutes ago and i see i’m not logged in.

I have tryed to login but when i put my username and password server says it’s not recognized.

I have tryed to recover and also here…not recognized.

I have need to access to and re-register same nickname whit same password…

Apparently i have recovered all… it’s normal all this ? There’s some changed in the server / forum ?


Yes, as announced 1 month ago


This was mentioned two months ago in December.
As we moved Discourse servers yesterday, it’s likely that only now people are realising they need to do this.


Oh my god… it’s the very first post :slight_smile:
I’m only scroll bottom discussion to see the last reply whitout read the very first :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how that’s relevant to the account changes, but in short, it’s better to PR in chunks. We stay in touch with AML developers regularly and share ideas / patches. Some patches are also not suitable / wanted by upstream (Kodi).

For now our focus is still on Kodi v17, which is now EOL from an upstream perspective.

Just create two separate accounts.
If @michael47 has the same email as the Store, change the email address and make a new account. Then it is completely separate.

I responded to your ticket #872830 a couple of hours ago.


I’ve two separate accounts, not the same EMail in shop and forum, but now the whole world know it, thanks @sam_nazarko.
Please delete this account, perhaps Google hasn’ t index this threat.
I create another account later, because VERO4 are for me the best box.
Basicly I like OSMC because in the past I don’t need to spend time for something like this discussion


I have anonymised the account for you.
Send me an email to and I can restore access to your original account.


Thanks @sam_nazarko
There seemed to be a bit of a mess due to save logins and cookies, but I’m sorted now


Glad to hear it. Everything should work as expected for the future now.



not working Invalid username or email.


You need to register a new account using the email associated with your forum account.


but then i lost my history or not


Not if you use the same email.


but name is different or same


The username will be the same.
Please read the original post.


Hi Sam, can u pls rename kid631 to kid63, was logged in before with gmail. But can’t change to kid63 or the gmail-email, because it says in both cases, already exists! :wink:


You just need to create an account with the same GMail account kid63 had.


Thanks for answering Sam, ok i’ll try :wink: