YouTube add-on Vero 4K - can only play from start. Cannot skip, adjust time slider etc


Just a brief one this time. I last used the YouTube add-on on Monday, when everything was fine.

Today videos will only play from the start; it is not possible to skip with the remote buttons, adjust the time slider etc. The videos don’t even have length information anywhere.

There are no updates for the add-on.

I searched for other posts on this, but found none. Apologies if I’ve missed something basic - my mind is rather addled by chemotherapy yesterday :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


There is a fix for this in the pipeline. Version 6.5.1 should fix it.
See Kodi Community Forum
Discussed towards the end of the postings.

I’ve installed the Beta and it seems to have fixed the issues.

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That’s good news; many thanks for this information.

Could you point me in the direction of the beta release?


Beta version is here, but do bear in mind that installing this from a zip file could break subsequent updates from the OSMC/Kodi repository.

Thanks, that’s much appreciated.

Seems YouTube’s api may have been fiddled with - watching music videos on a Roku box this morning, it’s been randomly crashing out of the app.

The update for the YouTube app fixing this is out now :+1:t2:


What’s the exact version? I updated the YouTube addon via addon browser but I still can’t adjust anything or see the time line. I can only pause or stop a video

Never mind in addon browser the latest version I can get is 6.5.0 but the update that was released 14h ago is 6.5.1

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Thanks for the update, that’s good news. Hopefully 6.5.1 will be available as the latest update later on today (the reply below your post suggests it’s 6.5.0 currently)


We’re you able to update to 6.5.1?

Not via addon browser but I could download from Releases · jdf76/ · GitHub and install from zip

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Here, I was offered an update to 6.5.1 via the addon browser. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Fingers crossed I get the simple fix when I try this later!