Youtube trailers stopped working, need help

Hi All, completely new to this and no hacker.
When trying to see trailers I get a error message that youtube not working.
What is wrong and what can I do?

Thanks, sorry for bad english

I assume same issue as with the YouTube addon.

Thanks, I guess. Sounds like greek to me but I’ll have a go at it.

personal api keys are not 100% working for me, i get the same error after a couple of days, deleting access_manager.json gains me one more day or so of working. lots of people on the kodi forum with the same issue. personal api keys isn’t the big fix, seems the plugin needs fixing too.

No problem here since re-creating NEW API keys.

Regardless, anyone with continuing issues should be addressing the YouTube add-on developers, OSMC has no control of this add-on.

No, with the generated API-Key all is fine and works on several devices.
Did you follow the instuctions?

Dito. Setting up new API’s solved all issues.
Works a treat now.

YouTube working with new keys, but trailers still not playing. No error message or references in the log.

You’ll have to seek support from the add-on developers. OSMC has no control of this add-on.