Zero W

Does the zero image work with the zero W?

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proboly the same as pi zero might need some more drivers soo just hold on its been one day cant expect it to be supported in one day im sure sam will inform when and if it supports it

Yes – it should work out of the box.

The WiFi is connected via SDIO, and I suspect it will be the same WiFi module as Raspberry Pi 3, so the driver and firmware should be in OSMC already. The Device Tree may need updating, but I suspect there is already support for WiFi and no changes are needed.

I will verify with @popcornmix

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@popcornmix says:

Pi0W will work, but without wifi/BT.

He has let us know which firmware introduces support, however we have been advised to wait until a clocking bug is fixed that currently prevents BT from working.

Super, thanks
Ordered one today, want to give it a spin when it arrives

does anyone have OSMS on Pi Zero W?

Please use forum search in the future.

Cheers, sorry i duplicated a thread.

Just tried 2017.02-2 on my shiny new Zero W and it doesn’t work yet. No WiFi or BT as mentioned above, but I also seem to be getting some issues with the HDMI. Every time I hit a key on the usb keyboard it drops the HDMI for 30 seconds or more… Guess I need to give it a while.

Several users have reported the latest version of OSMC works on Pi Zero W. Try another OS such as Raspbian. If you still have problems, it may be with your device.

Also make sure your power supply is sufficient.


I tried the same power supply that powers my Pi2 and PiDrive so that should be ok. I’ll give it a go with another OS tomorrow to check it’s not a hardware issue.


Is there any way we can update ourselfs? I don’t care about the BT right now, and would really like to use OSMC on my Zero W

You can just install a Pi 1 image from the website

Thanx, I’ll try that

Hmm, looks like Pi1 and Zero use the same image, and I’ve allready tried that one. Did you mean the Pi 3 image?

No – you should use the Pi 1 / Zero image.

Ok, I’ll wait for an update than. Thanx!

The Pi image should already be working. Try another distribution like Raspbian to rule out a hardware problem

WiFi and BT work on LireElec, so hardware should be ok

I think you’re getting confused here.

WiFi and BT don’t work in OSMC yet. But the image itself should boot. It seems that you’re suggesting that OSMC doesn’t boot at all on the Zero W. This shouldn’t be the case. The only thing that shouldn’t be working is WiFi / BT, as explained in this thread.