3D Frame Packed output

Sorry, that was a question for @tanio99.

Ok in good hands then! Just tell me if u need me to do anything.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your effort!

@accolon, create a file called disp_cap_3d in the /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata directory and add these lines to it:

1080p24hz FramePacking TopBottom
1080i50hz SidebySide 
1080i60hz SidebySide 
720p50hz FramePacking TopBottom
720p60hz FramePacking TopBottom

then reboot your Vero and test again. Let us know if anything has changed.

Note: these lines tell Kodi which 3D resolutions are supported. If that file exists it overrides information from EDID. So it might still be the case that your projector can’t show the video because it simply does not support that resolution.

Now it seems to be working! Thx for the help, you are awesome. I will keep you posted if I stumble upon other problems.

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My apologies. I know this is from weeks ago, but I don’t think I replied to this.

Not exactly sure what you mean by the ".MVC filename tag". Some of my files are named as “MovieName (YEAR) - 3D-MVC” but since this post started I am seeing the same behavior on 2D movies with the Vero that I don’t see in OSMC on the Pi3. I guess I just never tried those until more recently.

Yes. Did that the second a working test build was released as per instructions from the Wiki.

I can’t answer that. Since the PfK add-on works fine in OSMC on the Pi3 as well as LibreELEC it seems to be something unique to the Vero4K+ build, but that of course does not mean it can’t be something buggy about the PfK that the Vero is just pickier about than those other builds.

Sorry to ask this:
Is there a way to quickly change the audio track from remore control in Vero 4K+?
Thank you for help.

If you long-press the menu key, that gets you into the Audio menu. It’s not too many more clicks from there.

Thank you for quick help. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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On my Vero 4K (not the +) I have the volume down button mapped to toggle Audio Passthrough on /off and the volume up button to toggle Subs on/off. @darwindesign showed me how to do it. In case you are interested, here is the thread. darwindesign may help you do other things with your keys.
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Are you using the Vero to control your volume? I use my AVR so this is foreign to me. Do you have surround sound? If so how do you use it? ARC?

This link is broken for me.


I don’t think he realized he was linking to a pm. He is not using the volume buttons on the OSMC remote so he chose to use them for a Kodi action (audiotoggledigital) that was quite specific to his use case. This was also before we released the long-press update thus why the mapping to toggle the subtitles which is no longer needed as it is mapped to long-press play. I would be happy to help with any keymap issues but only if posted in a new or existing relevant thread. Please nobody post any further on keymapping in this thread dedicated to a completely unrelated topic.

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My apologies for my confusion.


I know this has been weeks, but do I still owe you anything on this trailer playing issue or is it something under control now? I’m sorry I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to test the latest builds!

If I understand correctly, we’re aware of it but it’s low on the list of things to address.


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No worries. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t still owe you something on this.

Thanks again!

If I recall, it would be good to compare it to an LE log on Pi if you have that option.