3D Frame Packed output

Enabling SMB 3 in my synology NAS seems to have fixed it. Looks like they don’t enable that by default. Thanks darwindesign!

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Hey guys,

new here, first post :wink: So far I sticked to my pi3 because of 3D MVC playback. Will this 3D test release work with both, Vero 4K and Vero 4K+?

Hope this gets GA’ed soon.

best regards


Yes – it works on both Vero 4K/4K+


Awesome, what’s your feeling about official release. Still lots of bugs or nearly finished?

We’ll release it when it’s ready.
You can of course try it now.

Well, I don’t own a Vero yet. Will wait then for official release. Thanks for your fast response.

It should be ready by the end of the Summer.


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So, the latest test update has 3D back?

Hi there,

I was quite happy for a while with the 3D-playback, still using the January 2020 build. After updating to June-2020 and following the instruction to upgrade ( deb http://apt.osmc.tv videoimprovevero main) 3D playback is no longer working for me. Kernel 4.9.113 is installed. I also remove the 3.4.29 package manually.
I know from my previous request that I have to set the resolution to 1080p. I do not know whether this is related to my Sony projector but if I look into the info of my projektor, it says that the resolution is 2160p. If I switch to 1080i, 1080i is shown in the info of the sony. Switching back to 1080p it is 2160p in the sony info again.

Could this be a reason, that even if I switch to 1080p in kodi, the real resolution is 2160p and thus the playback in 3D is not working? (Unfortunately I do not have the info on hand how it was with the January build).
Or are there any other known issues?

Thanks, Tabaluga

If you update to June you must downgrade the Kodi build. This is explained above.

3D is not supported in the latest Mediacenter version. You need to downgrade.

Yes, thanks, it is working again! Saw the note with the downgrading but missed the exact command line.


Yep, thanks, I’m still on 18.6.0-13.

Need help. I forgot the command line to grab kodi log via ssh. Any help?

grab-logs -A

thank you very much.

I’ve had my Vero4k+ for about a week now. It plays 3D ISO images perfectly for local media (external hard drive), except 1 movie that wouldn’t allow me to jump forward or back, expanding the movie out of the iso file corrected this. However it won’t play iso movies or test files from cloud storage (premiumize or real-debrid cloud storage). This isn’t a big deal, I’ll just have to download them first. I assume it has something to do with how the file is read?

What about files via NFS or Samba?

Despite sharing a folder on my windows PC. I can’t get the Vero to see it. I’ve never had a lot of luck with Windows SMB shares. I just get the ‘error, operation not permitted’ message.

Works fine from SMB, NFS and mounting shares (autofs). For SMB, you often have to manually add the server name or IP, as it won’t find from browsing. This is with Kodi in general, at least for me.

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