3D Frame Packed output

This link is broken for me.

I don’t think he realized he was linking to a pm. He is not using the volume buttons on the OSMC remote so he chose to use them for a Kodi action (audiotoggledigital) that was quite specific to his use case. This was also before we released the long-press update thus why the mapping to toggle the subtitles which is no longer needed as it is mapped to long-press play. I would be happy to help with any keymap issues but only if posted in a new or existing relevant thread. Please nobody post any further on keymapping in this thread dedicated to a completely unrelated topic.

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My apologies for my confusion.


I know this has been weeks, but do I still owe you anything on this trailer playing issue or is it something under control now? I’m sorry I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to test the latest builds!

If I understand correctly, we’re aware of it but it’s low on the list of things to address.


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No worries. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t still owe you something on this.

Thanks again!

If I recall, it would be good to compare it to an LE log on Pi if you have that option.

I may be able to do that, but above…since I sent the logs for the OSMC-Pi3B+ build…you said it wouldn’t be necessary:

Because theres a lot of info here can someone remind me the best way of getting 3D on the Vero if I’ve got the latest official firmware (Kodi 18.9 with buster)? Thanks

You have to switch over to the 4.9 kernel test builds…

@sam_nazarko Any updates on the microcode patch for fixing title specific 3D MVC artifacts?

Nothing just yet. We will get new SDK updates (Buildroot and Android 11 AOSP SDK) later this month from AMLogic. This may have some improvements in this regard.


Been absent for a while, but is 3D MVC supported nowadays?
If so, any settings i need to set up for?

You still need testbuilds to get 3D MVC going. The next official release will support it (Kodi v19/Matrix + Kernel 4.9).

Oh, i see.
Then i will wait for the next official release

Probably wont take long anymore?

I hope so too :slight_smile:

Me three!!!

Me, four :slight_smile:

Maybe a silly question, but when the “official” release being discussed does come out will the existing MVC test build user like me automatically be updated when we check in OSMC or will there be something else special we need to do like when we went to the test build to begin with?