Audio drop outs playing 44,1 kHz files (flac, mp3, etc.)

Recently I changed the IP of my NAS and had to recreate the mapping for my files in the Libraries. Afterwards I wanted to play some music, but about every 5 seconds there’s a dip in sound (~0,5 sec mute). I had completely removed all old folder paths (I use NFS to connect to my Synology DS918+). cleared the libraries and when they were completely empty made the new paths. Playing UHD movies with bitstream HD audio to my NAD AVR there are no issues, only with the FLAC files.

After the issue started I removed the NFS share and reconnected via SMB to the NAS. Same problem. I forgot to make a log, can do so tonight, but maybe there are thoughts already on how to solve this?

It may be unrelated that this started happening after the IP change.

The IP change must’ve been for a reason – did you change any network equipment?

You may want to copy one of these problematic files to a thumb drive and play it from the file manager in settings just to give yourself an easy way to determine if it is network related or not.

Yes, I changed my switches from Netgear to Ubiquiti ones. IP rang and subnet weren’t changed, neither was the router. No playback issues on other devices by the way.

Last night, I played some FLAC and MP3 files and they both had issues. I made a log:

I’ll try to copy a some files to the Vero and see whether that has issues or not.

Copied the same files to the Vero and played them from the root file system. Same issue as playing over the network.

I don’t think that I have played music from the Vero after the upgrade to the January 23 version. So it might be related to that.

This is the exact same problem I have here:

I use a NAD T778 amp and I think it must be something to do with the way NAD handle the feed from the vero.

As you’ll see in my link above it only happened after a vero update and also only on 44.1kHz 16 bit files. Those same files play fine on the amp through it’s built in streamer.

I was going to rollback to that previous vero build but don’t want to have to reinstall everything so haven’t done it yet

Great to finally find someone else with the issue (sorry but it means it’s not just me!)

Happy to test any files that @sam_nazarko and the team can produce


I also have a NAD T778 amp! I hadn’t found your topic, but looks like the same issue. Hopefully there will be a solution.

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Any updates on how to solve this issue?

Unfortunately the two users here that have reported an issue (yourself included) seem to have a NAD branded receiver.

Could you contact them to see if there is a solution they could suggest?

Sure, will send a support request to NAD. Any details I can include on how the Vero 4K+ outputs audio from flac or mp3 sources via HDMI which can help them?

In the latest firmware update of NAD is mentioned something in the release notes about HDMI improvements for it’s AVR’s, but that didn’t include a solution for this problem.

We’re not doing anything special in this sense, so I’m not sure what we can add.


I’ve taken the NAD update and it hasn’t helped this issue. As I understand it from other forums, the HDMI issue it solved was to do with syncing and holding the sync with certain (Sony I think) TVs after they updated the firmware on their sets.

One other piece of info, if you remember from my original thread, I was playing 44.1/16 music happily enough upto and including the [2022.03-1] build. It was only when I updated that I started getting the ‘dips’.

So I wonder what changed in the way music was passed through HDMI then?

I’m prepared to believe that NAD do things strangely since they seem to have a history of flaky firmware, but the T778 is so great I can live with it. It would just be nice if the Vero played nicely with it again.

If you do find anything and can produce a test firmware I’m happy to try it as long as it doesn’t involve a total rebuild. It took me a long time to get all the remote keys set up as I wanted and I’m wary of losing that.

Anyway enough - good luck and thanks for looking into this again


Before sending the support request to NAD, I was checking some things with my own setup. Some of the things I found:

  • 44.1 kHz files are playing with dips, both 16 bit and 24 bit files I have, so not only 16 bit.
  • Other sample rates play fine (24 bit - 88.2, 96 en 192 kHz I have tested).
  • Playing the same files via the same network connection and via HDMI from my Cambridge Audio CXUHD to the NAD don’t result in dips, they play fine. This might indicate an issue with the Vero in stead of the NAD.

I’ll try to send a support request to NAD tonight, since it might be a problem with the NAD still or the communication between them.

That’s interesting. There’s a known problem with 44.1k audio when the video is (any) 4k resolution but we haven’t seen it when video is 1080p (as yours is, from your log). I think it did start about a year ago but we haven’t tracked down the cause.

Can you confirm if you set audio output to Fixed and 48k do your 44.1k flacs play OK then?

I just set the audio output to fixed and at 48 kHz and no issues anymore. So the issue is related to the Vero, I guess.

Well, Vero and NAD are not talking the same language for sure. Thanks for testing.

@ NAD T778 users: Jtbs, Can you please download the 440Hz.MP3 file at Stimmungen für Orchester | Downloads | Powertechnik Audio-Elektronik - Top-Sound aus Sachsen , Elektroakustik und Elektronik, play this audio file from the Vero with the T 778 and measure with an Android smartphone app like ‘Spectroid’ what frequency is reproduced?
This only is of interest if you hear the drop outs also with this audio file.

I played the 440 Hz file and measured the output with the Decibel X app on iPhone. It measured 440/441 Hz with audio drop outs, mostly 440 Hz.

Thank you for testing. This refutes a theory of mine as to what could be wrong with the NAD T 778.

Ok, I’ve send a support request to NAD with a reference to this topic. Hopefully, they can help.