BUffering when streaming 4k files from a PC \ NIC upgrade

I have only recently received my Vero and have had a lot of help on this forum, but I really thought I should start a new thread for an entirely separate issue. It is mostly working now and I am impressed with its versatility, however I have noticed a frequent notification of ‘Buffering…source too slow read rate too low for continuous playback’. It is a mild nuisance on a few titles, but Jurassic Park III in 4K is unwatchable- stuttering and no sound after a few minutes. Looking through this forum there were quite a few of these reports earlier in the year which seem to have been resolved with either an incorporated hotfix or by people purchasing a USB adapter that is 1gbps to use instead of the 100mbps one that comes by default. Since my unit is brand new and fully patched, I dont think this issue will be fixed by an update, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a dirt cheap USB dongle that DEFINITELY works with the Vero 4K e.g. Like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-3-0-to-Ethernet-RJ45-LAN-Network-Adapter-10-100-1000-Gigabit-Computer-PC-UK/142738736672?epid=15010390566&hash=item213be44620:g:DXsAAOSwPK1ZXSkn

A forum search for “gigabit USB” provides several threads with links to confirmed working units.

Since you’ve read the forums, did you try any of the suggestions using fstab mounts? That normally resolves buffering issues.

As @bmillham said, switch from SMB to NFS and all your worries will be gone. I did so recently and never regretted it.
If your content doesn’t reside on a NAS but a Windows machine, it’s still possible to create NFS shares with that.

My search was for buffering and What I want you to do is to get some “source too slow read rate too low for continuous playback’”. I read several threads and some people mentioned USB Ethernet for 1GBPS to solve the issue, but not the make and model that was confirmed working.

I read several threads referring to fixes that involved editing the configuration, but later in the thread it was mentioned that an update had been pushed out to deal with the issue, so I figured these had been superseded since my box is brand new and fully updated.

We need to know how you are accessing your files to be able to help. Are you using fstab mounts or did you just use Kodi smb:// mounts? Kodi smb:// mounts do not perform as good as fstab mounts.

Both of these threads with very relevant titles contain links and confirmations of exact units.


TYVM. Will check them out later.

The next update has improvements for Ethernet throughput which will help with some borderline clips.

We also recommend mounting shares outside of Kodi for the best performance. From the top of my head, I think you have done this.


Will check the config later tonight - sorry have the memory of a goldfish. Thanks

Well, you may have to work on that one. From Wikipedia:

Goldfish have strong associative learning abilities, as well as social learning skills. 


Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months and can distinguish between different shapes, colours and sounds.


[EDIT] Unless you changed things, you are using fstab, so some logs after playing one of the problem files could help. And have you tried copying one of the problem files to the Vero to prove that it’s a network problem and not a problem with the file?

That puts me to shame then…

How do you check or remove the mappings of Kodi media headings in the left hand scroll bar (Pictures, Music, Video, TV Shows etc). I think I might have selected SMB for one or two of them when playing around last night. I pressed every button on the control to get to it when the title was highlighted but it did not offer me this. Digging around in system settings was unsuccessful too.

I stand corrected on goldfish?

Just post your logs, they will show us how you are mounting your media.

Hi Guys.

Log can be seen here:

That was not a complete debug log. Please post a complete debug log, taken after you see the problem. Thanks!

Hi. It was the full log file as far as I am aware. However, I have done it again after playing some of the problem files.



You are not properly following the instructions for providing logs resulting in a lack of relevant info. Please follow these instructions explicitly.

Ahh debug mode. OK, that is enabled and another disappointing thing has happened.

After connecting to my network share for days, it seemed to drop it immediately on elevating the logging levels. I believe this is coincidental, rather than causative, but is rather disappointing as I thought my problems were 95% sorted with the excellent help I have here. Maybe it was just a temporary network failure as it seems to be back up again now though.

The latest logs are here:

As its late I just tried a couple of files. Hope this is enough data now. Thanks