Can't get FTP to work on Raspberry Pi 2

I’d really appreciate some support here - first post and all.
I’ve installed OSMC, formatted and mounted an EXT4 USB hard drive.
Gone through around four Samba tutorials and given up (smb.conf, fstab, etc.,etc.).
I can see OSMC on my Network (through Windows Explorer and “Computer” on a Windows 8.1 machine), map the IP address of the box but then I get “550 Failed to change directory.” when using osmc:osmc as the username:password (ftp://osmc:osmc@ip.address/media/usb), or even root (and a created password).
I’m getting rather frustrated as I want to be able to copy media files from my PC to the USB Drive attached to the Pi (permanently attached) and be able to delete them, once watched, through OSMC/XBMC. I don’t want to continually disconnect the USB drive to upload files to it, so want to go through the Pi over the network if at all possible.
Is there a simple way of doing this? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I had to install FTP first in order to get it working on my rPi2. I followed the directions that were in this post

Yes there is a much simpler way to do this - use the OSMC App store that is built in.

There are preconfigured versions of both Samba and an FTP server that you can install with a few clicks.

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Really daft question now; how do I access the “built in” app store in OSMC? I can’t seem to find it…

MyOSMC then the shopping cart icon. If you’re using a different skin then Programs>OSMC settings>shopping cart

Funnily enough I’m trying just that (the shopping cart) and it doesn’t do anything. The overclocking does, as do all the other icons, just not the shopping cart. Any ideas?

Probably didn’t do a clean install of RC1 and just updated from the Alpha. At least that would be the most likely reason. We said do not upgrade from alpha for a reason. If tou did do a clean install of RC1 then make sure all updates are done

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Please use the log uploader to provide full logs.

Worse than that, I’m afraid. I’d not installed RC at all. It’s been a while since I’ve ever done something as technical as all this but I mistakenly didn’t know it stood for “Release Candidate” when I installed “Alpha 4” instead. At least I’ve learnt a lot, trying all sorts of things to get it working, when it probably wouldn’t have anyway - I guess that’s what’s behind the App Store being missing, etc.

I’ve managed to FTP using FileZilla, which is good, but still can’t get it from Windows Explorer… not to mind. Next stop a clean install of RC and trying it all out again… once I’ve FTP’d all my library to my USB drive, that is.

Thank you for all your help!