[Deprecated] Kodi 19 (Matrix) nightly builds for Vero 2 & 4K


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Just out of curiosity - is the tasks/challenges to adjust Kodi or buster? So many under the hood changes (Python 3, but MyOSMC is already ready, right?) in Kodi which must be individually checked for the Vero?

AIUI some binary add-ons need more work.

We need to verify a lot of things. Kernel; skin; add-on (My OSMC); Kodi for each platform.

# Bump to v19.0 final #19229

Since these nightlies haven’t been provided for a while, can we expect a delay in Matrix general availability for OSMC?


Are the nightlies disabled due to the move to Buster? I tried to install Kodi 19 on the 4k+, but it doesn’t install after running

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The problem is version numbering, you have a higher version number at the moment then the Kodi 19 nightly builds.

They will probably soon come with a better version number for testing again.

Guys, I’m having an issue. I have three Kodi, two on Android and one on Vero 4k. The one on Vero 4k is the main one with the libraries and updates the mysql db. The problem is, Kodi on Android got upgraded to v19 Matrix and now, DB are not good anymore.

Can Vero 4k run v19? It looks like the nightly are on 18.8 and I can’t even make it to install. Saying that there is no updates available.



I’ve red that one. But shouldn’t I be able to run a nightly in the meantime?

Testing builds will show up here when they become available.

Regarding the questions referring to “When…”, I always see Mr. Incredible

I think I was misunderstood. The title of this page is Kodi 19 (Matrix) nightly builds, and there are builds up there. What are those? Matrix or Leia? Matrix is 19, Leia was 18.9, those builds seems to be 18.8? Or is it just the version of the nightly builds that doesn’t make sense?

I’m not looking for the official release, I’m looking for a nightly which would use a Matrix DB.


Kodi 19 is Matrix

On this topic which says Matrix 19 nightly builds, the latest build says [18.8-159] July 2020

Kodi Matrix is v19

Kodi Leia is v18.

The current stable version of OSMC is based on Kodi v18.9.

He’s probably confused why there are v18 links posted on this thread in the first post when the thread is about v19

All of the builds in this thread are based on Kodi v19 (Matrix). The 18.8 versioning refers to the fact that it is pre-release.

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Yes exactly, then, how can I install the 19 nightly since apt-get update doesn’t see it?