Different Audio Outs for Movies and Music


I’m considering a Vero to replace my Squeezebox and my Western Digital TV Live. But, to do so I’d need to use the HDMI output for movies and the S/PDIF for the music to send to my external DAC. Is this possibe or do you have to select one Audio output or the other? Be a shame if I cant as thats my plan scuppered :frowning:

If you already have a WDTV Live (as I do), then you can use DLNA/uPnP to send the music to your audio system that way. I use BubbleUPnP on a tablet or smartphone as the control point, select Vero as the source and WDTV Live (which is analog connected to my receiver) as the renderer. Gives me full access to Vero playlists, etc. Works well for me.

Hey thanks for the reply Markin. I was hoping I could use the Vero to act as both my audio and video steamer, effectively replacing two boxes for one. So, I’d still be grateful if a knowledgable person or owner could let me know whether I can use two different outputs for my audio (one on HDMI for my movies and one on SPDIF, connected to my external DAC for my music).

Many thanks

I’ll be watching for that solution, too! :grinning:

Is this what I’d have to do? It seems like it’s the same type of effect the OP is looking for?

That is Pi only I’m afraid.

So not possible on Vero then, you are limited to selecting a single audio output at any one time? Does that therefore also mean that if I plug in a USB - 3.5mm adapter for my wireless headphones I’d have to select that as an audio output every time I wanted to use them?

For now – yes.

There are some dual audio builds in the Kodi forum and there is a patch for this, but I have not looked at its feasibility in depth


Sam, Thanks for confirming. The ability to have mutliple audio outs in the future would be fantastic. It does seem like there is a demand, particularly for those (like me) that want to use the Vero as both a video AND audio streamer.