Display turns off (TV says "no signal") Vero 4k+ Kodi v19

Since updating to kodi to v19 on my new vero 4k+ (I also reinstalled to make sure).

When the systems turns on it runs fine, till I usually turn the TV off go to bed, come morning, when you turn the tv on the TV says “no signal” and kodi won’t respond via GUI, I can ssh in just fine.

There is a Red X on the kodi box.

If I pull the power it restart and runs fine. Till I let it sit idle for a period of time again.

I’m at a loss, any ideas?

I’ve just turned on debug logging and rebooted. We’ll see once it happens again I’ll post logs.

If you still have SSH access I suggest to use reboot instead of “pull the power”

Obviously, but after spending 8 hours dealing with servers all day, logging into my tv box to reboot, sometimes takes a back seat to “I just want to watch tv” so the power gets pulled. But thanks for your concern, yes a sudo reboot would be the proper way.

This suggests Vero is in standby. Is your TV set to put connected devices into standby when it’s turned off?

Well that actually would be a Vero setting

Settings -> System -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC Adapter -> When TV is switched off -> Suspend

The debug logs should show if that is what happens

Ohhh interested (I had no idea this was even here…) ok, I adjusted a bit let’s see.

Thank you so much, I’ll update once I know more (ie: this fixes it)

That was it. Been 2 days now, and the box is up and functioning as it should be. Thank you so much.

I appreciate both of you answering/helping.

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I have the same problem, but it is intermittent (and without the red X). It may happen in 1 day or 10 days.
The above mentioned setting (Settings → System → Input → Peripherals → CEC Adapter → When TV is switched off → ) is set to “Ignore”.

I will try to provide logs when it occurs again. Anything else that I could try in the meanwhile?