“no signal” on TV when switching to Vero 4k+ in the morning on Kodi v19.1

First things first, while my vero 4k+ is on, it still runs fine as it did since the first time back in 2018.

But since updating kodi to v19.1, I have noticed than sometimes in the morning when I switch to vero hdmi input on my TV it gives me the “no signal” sign: kodi won’t respond via GUI, but I can ssh, web-browse to its ip, use kore etc. I have to reboot or turn the power off and on again (by the power cord) to resolve the problem.

It is intermittent: It may happen in 1 day or 10 days, there is no pattern. Before that I had up-times up to 40-50 days (eg. till a power failure to the neighborhood).

I have also found this thread: Display turns off (TV says “no signal”) Vero 4k+ Kodi v19

But in my case the mentioned setting (Settings → System → Input → Peripherals → CEC Adapter → When TV is switched off → ) is set to “Ignore”.

I will try to provide logs when it occurs again. Anything else that I could try in the meanwhile?

If it was a hdmi cable problem (I am using the original one that came with the 4K+), it should cause other problems too, shouldn’t it?

The TV is a Sony KD55XE9005.

Any ideas? Thanks


Hello again.

I enabled debug logging waiting for the issue to occur again. This morning it actually happened again. This time it did not show the “no signal” message rather a peculiar resolution (5x1075/45Hz) denoted by the TV with a black screen.

So I ssh-ed to the vero and run the grab-logs -A command. The return was “Logs available at https://paste.osmc.tv/”

It should be something like https://paste.osmc.tv/12345abcdef, right?

What am I doing wrong here?

Note: The orignal thread is: Intermittently “no signal” on TV when switching to Vero 4k+ on Kodi v19.1

But I opened this one too in Help and Support/Vero 4K in case this is considered the appropriate session for my issue to be posted. Thanx and sorry for the fuss.

No need to post twice. Let’s continue in your first thread.

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