DVD will not play despite correct codec

Hi all,
I have just installed OSMC on a new pi2. My intention was to set up an easy to use home media setup for a luddite relative.
I have license keys for Mpeg-2 content.
I have attached an external usb dvd drive to the pi and attempted to play a dvd.
This does not work. I can browse the dvd files, but whenever I attempt to access one of the IFO or VOB files nothing happens at all.
I am also completely unable to access any dvd menus.

Can anyone offer any help/advice?

Thanks for any assistance rendered.

I’m assuming it is a retail copy protected DVD. You will have to figure out how to install stuff like libdvdcss and probably other stuff.

Ah ok. Well I just dug out a DVD I burnt some years ago and know has no copy protection. It worked.
So libdvdcss…I’ll look that up and see what it is and how to use it.
Thanks for the tip Shadow.

I have absolutely no clue how to install libdvdcss.
I’ve looked at:


But I am a complete linux noob, and don’t understand what these threads are saying at all. What does it mean to compile a build with libdvdcss???
I don’t think a pi and OSMC were the correct choice for what I want to do here( media center that can also play dvd’s).

Standby, it’s coming.

Wouldn’t it bring you legal trouble if you ship it with the distribution?
I thought that’s why it is not supplied by default with handbrake etc.
Well, VLC seems to have it by default, so no clue.

No one has ever been taken to court over it with exception of the original writer.


I am encountering the same issue. While some DVDs are working some are not working. It would be nice if osmc was build with libdvdcss enable. The user could after download the needed package.

Please provide a kodi debug log made when trying to play a DVD that is not playing - it should be working, support for encrypted DVD’s is already built in, no need to add a separate libdvdcss library.

Also make sure you have the Mpeg2 codec purchased and the license code installed and working as you will need this for DVD playback.

This might be the same problem as in this OSMC forum topic. If some DVD’s play fine and others don’t then it’s probably not a CSS (= content scrambling system, a copy protection system) problem. I’ll bump that topic again.

Summary of other topic at the time of writing: there seems to be a problem w/ video acceleration. If you disable MMAL and OMX acceleration in “System > Video > Acceleration” in Kodi and the DVd does pay, then you definitely have said problem.

Confirm i have the same problem disabling MMAL and OMX solves the problem all dvd works as expected :smile:

Do you have the mpeg2 codec installed ?

Yes i do have the mpeg2 codec installed. I realise that maybe the DVD player is not as good as i though. With those new settings i had another DVD failling. After cleaning the surface of the DVD with a cloth the dvd can run now successfully.

There is a slight bug with how DVD drives are being mounted now. Should be resolved soon. Although – this may not be your issue.