Empty TV shows not hidden

Hi there,

While the option “Show empty TV shows” is disabled, my Vero 4K+ device is still showing the empty TV shows. I am using the skin ‘Eminence MOD v2.5.4’, but the problem also occurs when I use the standard OSMC skin.

I’m also using the cleaning option of Library Auto Update after updating the library.

More people have this problem?

Can you take a photo of the option and what you see?


Sure. This is the setting I am talking about:

As you can see it’s disabled, but I still see empty TV shows:

I am also having this problem for a long time.

It still isn’t resolved


Okay, so I’m not the only one having this issue. Strange there aren’t more users who reported this problem though…

My problem is slightly different from yours; a back navigation doesn’t fixes the listing at my device.

Could you confirm (or otherwise) that it doesn’t occur with the Estuary skin.

We’ll need debug logs and a description of what you’re doing. See Disabled "Show empty TV shows" not working correctly - #26 by dillthedog for detailed instructions as to what to do.

Tested it with the Estuary skin: works without any problems.

Do you still need a log now we know that it works with Estuary? If yes, I have a Vero 4K+, can’t I use the log directly from the device?

Since it works with Estuary, it looks like the old problem.

Yes, please follow the instructions on the linked post.


Test was around 21:09 / 21:10.

I’m seeing something different in the log from the previous thread.

Could you explain in some detail what you did.

Please post full logs: grab-logs -A

I went from ‘Main Menu’ to ‘TV Shows’ and then to an empty tv show. After that I pressed the back button until I was at the main menu again. Nothing more.

There is a little difference with the other thread, a back navigation doesn’t fixes the listing at my device.

Just to clarify: were you using the Eminence skin or the OSMC skin?

Clearly, we can’t fix the Eminence skin if it’s broken.

And don’t forget the logs!

Eminence, but it’s also not working the with OSMC skin. I didn’t know it was skin related? (thought it was OSMC related since it doesn’t work with multiple skins…)

If you say it’s skin related I could test some things for you to help (please let me know), but personally I would search for another skin since OSMC skin is not my taste.

Thanks for clarifying. It does seem to be skin-related as far as I can tell, though I’m no expert in the dark art of coding skins.

On this forum, testing the OSMC skin would be most productive, though I understand that it wouldn’t be so productive from your perspective. If you want to stick with Eminence, you’d do best getting in touch with its developer(s) and explain the problem. Otherwise, as you say, you should try a few different skins.

Thanks for the great help. I will follow your suggestions.

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jfyi: I can reproduce the issue if the empty TV show folder DOES NOT have owner osmc and group osmc but root:root.

So, I suggest you try to change the owner and group of all your TV show folders recursively to osmc:osmc. Don’t forget to update the library, afterwards.

Update+Warning: After I set the ownership to osmc:osmc I was not able to reproduce the issue anymore. So, not sure what the root cause really is.

How do you do that ?

Gr. Leurb

  • ssh to the box

  • cd to the directory where all your TV show folders are located

  • sudo chown -R osmc:osmc *

  • clean your library at GUI -> settings->media->library -> clean library (view settings level: expert)

  • in the OMSC GUI invoke a library update, try it in the Movies and TV show menu

No guarantee, I’m trying to reprodue the issue since then but I’m not successful anymore.

My local TV Shows folder is empty because the libary is on a MySQL server .
How can this fix work then ?

My source is a NAS (with fstab NFS share), so these instructions don’t work for me, unfortunately.