Enabling IPv6 in OSMC

ok, I Cry uncle. I have been trying all day all day to wrangle IPv6 support from one of the Raspberry Pi OSes. I had success with raspbian, but it wasn’t terribly useful. If this is possible, can someone walk me through the steps of enabling IPv6 on OSMC? If I am barking up the wrong tree, could you please point me to the best alternative OS where this can be done?

For the record, I am horrible with LINUX but can comfortably get around SSH. It’s been a long day :wink:

Thanks in Advance,


PS I am using the latest Pi

Enable it on ConnMan (search) and you’re done

getting closer but still clueless–can I get a little more help, please?

like Sam said search the forums instead of saying i dont know, loads of info has been covered by other users before.

Not to be terse, I honestly spend 8 hours trying to decipher how to do this. I was not begging for instant gratification

I have looked at the suggested page many time knowing it was a nugget but I couldn’t seem to pull it off.

These are a few of the fun attempts. One jumble would say ‘set property’ was ok, another would bark at the ‘ipv6’ part one command said ok…implying now what, but I couldn’t get the ip part into the command. Honest guys, i’m really trying here. What does SV even mean? I kept seeing it in reference to static ip’s…

root@osmc:/# connmanctl config eth0 ipv6 set property auto
Error set: Invalid argument
Error ‘property’: Invalid argument
Error ‘auto’: Invalid argument
Error eth0: Method “SetProperty” with signature “sv” on interface “net.connman.Service” doest exist

@DBMandrake’s post should cover it.

You need to run connmanctl then you can enumerate services.

connmanctl is a frontend for connmand (the daemon) and makes DBus calls after parsing the commands passed to it. As the commands haven’t quite been entered right, it’s throwing an error, albeit an unhelpful one.

osmc@vero2:~$ connmanctl
connmanctl> services
*Ac Wired                ethernet_0861601120ac_cable
connmanctl> config ethernet_0861601120ac_cable --ipv6 auto
connmanctl> quit
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I was throwing everything at the wall trying to make it stick. I used ‘auto’ before in some other command salad. I was close, even though the answer was in front of me. Thank you so much for the clarity and the hospitality. I’d say thank you in person, but I doubt you are anywhere close to ABQ The answer DOES look obvious–once I have the answer. Thanks again,

Sorry, yes, I had to google off site to stumble into the solution. Enjoy